5 Straight Days: 5 Hot Hostesses!

A rehabbed Charlie Sheen’s schedule? No, it was Fox & Friends’ rotation from Friday through today. In quick succession, F&F fans were treated to hot and spicy Alisyn Camerota Friday, attractive brainiac Dana Perino Saturday, gorgeous girl-next-door Molly Line Sunday, sexy Southern belle Ainsley Earhardt Monday, and proud beauty queen Gretchen Carlson today. It was almost as if FNC Senior Programming Veep Bill Shine were giving his viewers the proverbial lady lineup from which to choose to spend some quality time in the near future.

Perhaps, it was merely a matter of Gretchen taking a few weekdays off and Aly vacationing over the weekend. However, it seemed to the author more as if Shine were potentially toying with the idea of changing up his F&F and F&FW casts. E.g., was he considering promoting Aly or Ainsley to F&F weekday and auditioning Dana and Molly for the center seat on F&FW? Or, maybe, Shine simply wanted to make sure that his F&F audiences did not fall victim to the Coolidge effect.

If so, he succeeded.

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9 Responses to “5 Straight Days: 5 Hot Hostesses!”

  1. Aimeslee Says:

    I wouldn’t doubt it about it being Shine — after whoever it was who yanked Julie Banderas off weekend co-host, and then Greg Jerod goes on Red Eye (what, to appear more hip?), I am thinking it’s the semi-annual freshening up of the window dressing that clueless execs do so often. One cool thing, Major Garrett was on Red Eye last night. Good to see him again! xoxo

  2. Aimeslee Says:

    Oh and Shep’s 6pm broadcast was all bizness tonight. Maybe he read your post? xoxo

  3. jakeho Says:

    Aimeslee, I agree that it really was nice to see Major on RE early this morning. As to Shep, I did notice that he was “all bizness tonight” and basically ran “Cool Critters” stories on both Studio B and Fox Report. :-) Whether he read my latest Shep post or not, hopefully, he’ll simply do the right thing and completely can that repulsive Trampoline Bear vid.

  4. motownman Says:

    Ainsley was out of town over the weekend because her brother was getting married. Courtney still is on maternity leave, so that helps explain the scramble for weekend co-hosts. My question is: Where was Juliet Huddy?

  5. jerziegrl Says:

    I thought Molly did a great job, and really enjoyed her. She was very natural, yet appropriately reserved, unlike Miss Ainsley. LOVE Dana Perino, but she put her with Dave and Clayton and she makes them look like they are above their pay grade. She is very reserved and well learned, not the fun, jaunty person needed for that spot on the couch.

    Here’s hoping for more Molly….

  6. Al Says:

    Maybe Shep will replace the Trampoline Bear vid with one showing the five hotties for you. He can call it “Trampoline Juggies”.

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