Missing Morris: “Pneumonia!”

Another weekend off? Today, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris continued to be M.I.A. from his post–for the second week in a row. Unfortunately, his co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Dave Briggs provided scant commentary for Clayton’s extended absence other than his being sick. Given F&FW‘s past anchor defenestrations (e.g., Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly), unexplained departures (Kiran Chetry), and questionable leaves of absence (Alisyn Camerota), Clayton’s fans surely deserved much more transparency. Happily, apparently, Clayton provided those answers last week–via Twitter.

On the day before F&FW Saturday (last week), Clayton Tweeted, “My wife [Natali Morris nee Del Conte] is a saint. Taking care of two kids and a husband with a 103 degree fever. I’m useless. Well, more than usual.” After the show, he remarked, “Chest X-Ray time to find out if this is pneumonia.” On the following Monday (two days later), Clayton comically revealed the results: He jested, “I’ve lost 6 pounds! My diet secret? Pneumonia!”

At least, Clayton gets it. Get well soon, Clayton!

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5 Responses to “Missing Morris: “Pneumonia!””

  1. Caye Dobler Says:

    Clayton, do hope you get better soon. The absence of any of you, truth tellers is seriously felt.aybe Obama wearing his chosen color red, dressed as a superhero could use some power to help you get well faster instead of using so much energy to spew hate, division and lies, he hate the mainland: the US. Have a great idea for some truly shovel ready jobs, send some folks in to pack up their stuff and shovel it out of OUR HOUSE , but send in an outside inspector to make sure they take no treasures belonging to the American people as the Clinton’s attempted to do. Remember they tried to say “everyone does it” ma y God help us!

  2. Caye Dobler Says:

    Let me say my comments about national treasure allegedly leaving the White House is just that , alledgely.

  3. Bill Says:

    I didn’t believe Fox would get ride I’d Clayton. Of the weekend 3, he seems to contribute the most.

  4. lisa Says:

    “Alledgely?” Wow, our education system is getting worse by the day.

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