Aly Back In: Juliet Out?

Camerota: “Let’s make it a surprise.” A “Shine” surprise? After abdicating her Fox & Friends Weekend throne for five months, co-host Alisyn Camerota announced her long-awaited return to F&FW tomorrow. Early this morning as she hosted F&F weekday, Aly Tweeted, “FOX News Alert — I’ll be back on F+F this Saturday! …don’t tell Dave and Clayton. let’s make it a surprise. I may wear a disguise.”

Five months to the very day: Aly’s return just in the nick of time? Last week FNC aired a new F&FW promo for its Labor Day weekend that featured her recent sole sub Juliet Huddy with F&FW co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs as “One Morning Team” and “the Friends You Trust.” The message seemed pellucidly clear: FNC had dubbed Juliet queen again of the F&FW curvy couch. After all, Aly had been strangely absent from her F&FW post for almost five months (approximately one month longer than the purported “maternity shuffle” for Megyn Kelly): Furthermore, in the interim, Aly had repeated anchored other FNC shows, including, America’s Newsroom, Happening Now, America Live, and even Fox & Friends weekday without returning to her own F&FW.

Perhaps, Aly realized that she needed to move now if she were to reclaim her F&FW throne from Juliet before it was too late: i.e., before her co-hosts, Clayton and Dave, and her viewers switched their allegiance to Juliet. Even though it may appear less likely, FNC Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine himself may have prompted the move to oust Juliet, at least, for now, after her questionable comments two days ago on the O’Reilly Factor: Juliet called GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul a “yellow belly” who would not appear on O’Reilly and that O’Reilly should have “just slapped him down” – verbally or literally. Coincidently or not, just yesterday, the author wrote, “Unless Alisyn Camerota returns to her long “abandoned” center seat this weekend, F&FW viewers should not be surprised by a ‘contrite’ apology posthaste from jaunty Juliet to Paul and his Praetorian Guard.” (Apparently, Juliet’s apology will have to wait.)

Welcome back, Aly! Hopefully, you will stay. But, whatever you do, do not banish F&FW‘s beloved Juliet from your F&FW realm for good.

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9 Responses to “Aly Back In: Juliet Out?”

  1. Tony L. Says:

    I like Alyison, but Juliet Huddy is perfect for the weekend show. She is a breath of fresh air. A beautiful woman who easily pulls off the role of being one of the boys

    I am getting tired of all the secret maneuverings of Bill Shine. I like some sort of continuity.

    But in retrospect Fox News hasn’t had a clue what to do with Juliet Huddy since her return from Fox Broadcasting

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve gotten used to seeing Aly on FFW. Juliet was a bit brassy and outspoken on her talk show…she does need to apologize for her yellow belly comment.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I really enjoy Aly on FFW and am happy that she’s back. She’s fun, can laugh at herself, and fits in well with Clayton and Dave. They make a great team.
    Juliet is an annoying and self centered! She demands way too much attention. What she said about Ron Paul was ridiculous. She needs to apologize for what she said on O’Riley…. then go back to CNN.

  4. juliet's_votary Says:


  5. J Michael Says:

    I like Juliet and Aly, hope they keep em both . However, Aly controls the rhythm of the show brilliantly. The interviews are sharper and more informative with her poignant style of questioning.

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