F&F Weekend Adrift

Who is captaining the ship at Fox & Friends Weekend? This past weekend, Ainsley Earhardt, Adam Housley; and Clayton Morris introduced themselves to the viewers. (They are respectively a sweet, Southern blond beauty; a smart, subdued West Coast chap, and an energetic, overly familiar Philly fellow.) However, they failed to announce whether they were the latest co-hosts or substitutes.

This is not an unfamiliar tack for FNC. When, mercifully, “that face, that face” Linda Vester was shipped out, this faithful viewer found out over the Internet (MediaBistro, I think). When Julian Philips, the “Bryant Gumbel” of cable news, left F&F Weekend and was replaced by Kelly Wright, one simply had to wait to see if the replacement was permanent. When the gorgeous, gammy Kiran Chetry was ignobly shown the door, FNC neglected once again to inform the viewer. (Perhaps, they feared a mass defection to CNN: Kiran is now a co-host on American Morning in direct competition with Fox & Friends.)

Who knows if this past weekend’s co-anchors are new or temporary? The usual lineup of Kelly Wright, Greg Kelly, and Page Hopkins is seldom engaging: they lack a natural rapport among themselves and the viewers. Formerly, Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy, a dynamic duo that imbued the news with a racy, fun flavor, hosted the show: the popular couple moved to parent FOX network’s morning show as co-hosts. Then Kiran Chetry, Alisyn Camerota, and Julian Phillips, a trio of two sexy, flirty femme fatales and a smug egocentric, took over. If Ainsley et al have replaced the latest team of Hopkins and the Kelly boys, they will have to work to return the show to its former must-see status. A weekend news show cannot take itself too seriously nor exclude its viewers from the table.

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11 Responses to “F&F Weekend Adrift”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Just be glad that the new Fox & Friends team does not consist of: Mark Shields, David Brooks and David Gergen.

    BTW, see my post #6 on Phoenix Rising- Concerning the Zola comparision: Hey, at least I didn’t reference Brent Bozell!

  2. jakeho Says:

    Great quote, Geo.: I love it! Shields, Brooks, and Gergen could be Coyote Ugly News. As to F&F Weekend, its gone to the dogs lately: Fido & Friends Weekend soon?

  3. Tammy Says:

    The previous crew was Mike Jerrick (not Jarrett) and Juliet Huddy (not Juliett) and Julian Phillips … Mike & Juliet left for their own daytime show … Alisyn Camerota and Kiran Chetry joined Julian …

    Greg Kelly, Page Hopkins and Kelly Wright were great together … They each added their own backgrounds to the show which provided a wide variety of life experiences as well as personal & political views …

    Bill Shine & Roger Ailes are idiots for messing with the crew … The only person they needed to switch out was Ainsley Earhardt & replace her with Patti Ann Browne …

  4. jakeho Says:

    Tammy, thanks for the name check for M&J. Poor Julian never fit in w/ F&F: he was the odd man out when M&J held court and when Kiran & Ali followed suit. As to “messing with the crew,” it would be nice if the viewers were informed of the changes.

  5. Donna Scearce Says:

    Bring back Page, Kelly and Greg. Leave the weekend crew alone for crying out loud. I am a Fox & Friends fan all week long. I am still fuming over E.D. Hill leaving the morning weekly show.

    I think Lauren Greene did a fine job with the news. I miss Kiran Chetry goofing off with Tiki on Football Tuesdays.

    Mr. Ailes needs to talk to the viewers. ” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  6. Angie Sellers Says:

    Donna Scearce’s comments posted on march1 express my feelings precisley…….I still miss E.D. Hill and Lauren Greene!!!!

    Loved Tiki but think that ship has sailed…..


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