Proud Perino: “World’s Hottest Grandmother”

“One More Thing”: Do you remember what you call me? The Five co-host Dana Perino finally introduced her Scottish step grandchildren to her FNC fans. More than a year ago, then virgin Fox & Friends Weekend guest-host Dana revealed to her incredulous audience that she was a grandmother, to two Scottish children, Rachel and Sebastian: Furthermore, she mentioned that that they called her “Grandma America.” Yesterday, as The Five‘s ultimate segment concluded, Dana declared, “I have a special “One More Thing”: I have my–believe it or not–my grandchildren from Scotland…Rachel and Sebastian, are here.”

As Dana introduced Rachel and Sebastian, her hubby Peter McMahon (of twelve years) herded their two grandchildren onto the set sub rosa. As the two gathered around Dana at the table, they appeared dazed by the spotlight and virtually mute.

Looking at Rachel tenderly, Dana asked, “Do you remember what you call me?” As Rachel stared blankly ahead, Dana prompted her, saying, “Grandma America. Can you say it?” Looking at her young nana, a smiling Rachel softly answered, “Grandma America.”

Interjecting, co-anchor Greg Gutfeld risquely exclaimed, “World’s hottest grandmother!”

Without acknowledging her co-host’s impertinent compliment, Dana turned to Sebastian and asked whether he had enjoyed his earlier trip to Disney. “Yeah,” he tersely replied. Trying to draw out her  little Silent Cal, Dana queried, “What did you think of the show? This show.” As he looked quizzically at his step nana, Dana quickly declared, “They’re speechless–as are more Americans when they watch this.”

At least, that segment. Speechless that The Five‘s Dana Perino is really a grandmother. Even if “Granda America” is “the world’s hottest grandmother.”

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5 Responses to “Proud Perino: “World’s Hottest Grandmother””

  1. Barbara Says:

    I like Dana Perino….smarts, beauty and dignity. Although, at times she appears to be aloof.

  2. Says:

    Hallo Proud Perino: “World’s Hottest Grandmother” | Carpe Diem – very nice article

  3. Peter McMahon, Dana Perino’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know Says:

    […] during a segment in 2012 , Perino introduced two of her husband’s grandchildren, Rachel and Sebastian, who lived in Scotland at the time. […]

  4. Rachel Robertson Says:

    I’m Rachel from there, Dana’s granddaughter actually step granddaughter, my brother and I, Sebastian, no longer speak with Dana and peter so please take this down

  5. Who is Dana Perino? Age, Bio, Salary, Net Worth, Husband, & Children - americanstarbuzz Says:

    […] introduced two of her step-grandchildren, Rachel and Sebastian, to her FNC fans in 2011, both of whom lived in Scotland at the […]

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