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Proud Perino: “World’s Hottest Grandmother”

September 27, 2012

“One More Thing”: Do you remember what you call me? The Five co-host Dana Perino finally introduced her Scottish step grandchildren to her FNC fans. More than a year ago, then virgin Fox & Friends Weekend guest-host Dana revealed to her incredulous audience that she was a grandmother, to two Scottish children, Rachel and Sebastian: Furthermore, she mentioned that that they called her “Grandma America.” Yesterday, as The Five‘s ultimate segment concluded, Dana declared, “I have a special “One More Thing”: I have my–believe it or not–my grandchildren from Scotland…Rachel and Sebastian, are here.”

As Dana introduced Rachel and Sebastian, her hubby Peter McMahon (of twelve years) herded their two grandchildren onto the set sub rosa. As the two gathered around Dana at the table, they appeared dazed by the spotlight and virtually mute.

Looking at Rachel tenderly, Dana asked, “Do you remember what you call me?” As Rachel stared blankly ahead, Dana prompted her, saying, “Grandma America. Can you say it?” Looking at her young nana, a smiling Rachel softly answered, “Grandma America.”

Interjecting, co-anchor Greg Gutfeld risquely exclaimed, “World’s hottest grandmother!”

Without acknowledging her co-host’s impertinent compliment, Dana turned to Sebastian and asked whether he had enjoyed his earlier trip to Disney. “Yeah,” he tersely replied. Trying to draw out herĀ  little Silent Cal, Dana queried, “What did you think of the show? This show.” As he looked quizzically at his step nana, Dana quickly declared, “They’re speechless–as are more Americans when they watch this.”

At least, that segment. Speechless thatĀ The Five‘s Dana Perino is really a grandmother. Even if “Granda America” is “the world’s hottest grandmother.”

AM’s Roberts: RED-Blooded

July 8, 2010

“Your going to get me in trouble with the wife here, Tom.” Oh!Anna again, John? Apparently, engaged American Morning co-anchor John Roberts just can not help eying the spy, Anna Chapman, Russia’s sexy supposed spook. Eight days ago, fiancee Kyra Phillips, host of CNN Newsroom, gave John grief about his apparent fascination with the ravishing red-headed Ruskie. Today, former F.B.I. Assistant Director Thomas Fuentes joined in the jibing at John.

During a segment entitled “A Spy for a Spy: Russian and U.S. negotiating swap,” Fuentes opined that some of the purported Russian spies may not want to return because, in part, they may get bad reviews from Russia’s “KGB.” When John countered that some Russian spies were on postage stamps, Fuentes explained that their mission might be deemed a failure because they had not procured any state secrets. Then, Fuentes nettled, “And, I know, John, it’s breaking your heart to see Anna Chapman go back but I think you’ll see her on the talk show circuit in no time and these guys will be celebrities once this all settles.”*

Chuckling while reddening, John responded, “You’re gonna get me in trouble with the wife here, Tom.” When the interview ended, guest co-host Kate Bolduan teased, “I think someone’s blushing: Something I’ve always tried to do, and Tom Fuentes is the one that can accomplish it.” Chagrined, John good-naturedly conceded, “Yes! My face is now the color of Anna Chapman’s hair. Imagine that!” Writhing in amusement, Kate laughed, “Oh, my god!”

John, surely, not the Coolidge effect already!

*American Morning – 07/08/10 (@8:16 a.m. ET)

Silent Al-y, “Crush It!”

November 1, 2009

Boo, Aly! (And, not the scary kind.) Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota seems to be giving her readers and followers the Calvin Coolidge treatment this Halloween weekend. Verily, Aly did notify her social network audience that she would be subbing for F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson Friday and penned two brief Green Room posts this weekend. However, she has responded to none of their Tweets nor blog comments.

Even though her Green Room attendees may tend to give her a pass (since she seems to be somewhat more attentive to them), her Twitter followers may be becoming less and less apt to do so. Aly, apparently, has ignored their Tweets for almost two months (since September 4th) and has only deigned to reply on three distinct days since she began her account on August 23.

On the bright side, perhaps, she will heed the wisdom of today’s F&FW guest wine gonzo guru and New York Times best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk. As he promoted his book, “Why Now is The Time to Crush It!: Cash in on Your Passion,” co-anchor and Vayniac Clayton Morris inquiringly remarked, “One of the things you talk about in living your passion…[is] people need to understand social media.” Gary “Vee” replied, “Whether the people…think Twitter or FaceBook…is stupid is irrelevant. Later, he elaborated, “What’s most important is you go into things like FaceBook and Twitter and you start talking to people. Not spamming them and selling them. Talking, and you build real connections.”

F&FW Twitter king Clayton seems to get it. After today, maybe, Aly did, too. Let’s hope so.

“Old” E.D.: New View

August 20, 2009

Former Fox & Friends co-host E.D. Hill may have been too old and controversial for FNC but she will be right at home on ABC’s The View.* According to the Washington Post, E.D. will be one of the substitute co-hosts for Elisabeth Hasselbeck (on maternity leave) this fall on the all-femme gabfest.** (As an aside, reportedly, another guest co-host will be the equally confident and assertive Meghan McCain.)**

As F&F fans may remember, E.D. was famous for her opinionated soliloquys on F&F. In fact, so much so, that the producers often would air a flying flag vid with accompanying patriotic music to give her the humorous “hush” hint.*** On the View, she will be in her element, where Silent Cal is seen as Satan. This conservative, brassy Texas beauty will be more than able to hold her own against her more lib counterparts, e.g., Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, et al.

Tune in: The sparks should be fun to watch.