Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties?

The sisterhood of the former Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts Kiran Chetry and Alisyn Camerota appears to still be going strong. They may not have bought pants from a thrift store that will help them stay together as they thrive on separate cable news networks but they seem to have found some granny panties that will. Or are they something else?

Friday the “traveling panties” showed up on Kiran Chetry, the co-host of CNN’s American Morning. As the Nepalese lovely interviewed New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter on Oprah’s post-broadcast future, her charcoal skirt inched upward to reveal a rather snug black undergarment. Granny panties?  Perhaps. But possibly something else. As the faithful AM viewer will recall, Kiran revealed that she was wearing her “emergency biking shorts” under her skirt the day that Richard Simmons had a sudden urge to literally kiss her foot.

By Saturday, Kiran seemed to have sent her hubby Chris to personally deliver the magical netherwear to Aly at the now verboten F&FW studio. Beginning in the show’s first segment, the granny panties (or “emergency biking pants”) peeked out from underneath Aly’s red dress. When they did, they seemed to take on a pinkish hue in a futile attempt to go unnoticed.

Regardless of the nature of the lingerie, Kiran and Aly appear to be at one. Perhaps, they can help their respective audiences cross the political aisle as well. Of course, for their male admirers, it might be easier if there were less fabric involved.

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2 Responses to “Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties?”

  1. Kep Says:

    I doubt these two even contacts one another anymore. Chetry verbally trashed her old employer when she left for CNN, calling her new home “the gold standard when it comes to journalism”.

    Alisyn Camerota is pure class. She pretty much can fill any position at Fox, and I guess this is quite evident from her many anchoring opportunities with the network. Sure, she’ll never get Gretchen’s job, but maybe she’s happy regardless. Alisyn is professional and does very articulate interviews. Chetry acted like a spoiled child, and if you look back at her time at Fox, she rarely ever filled a chair other than that prized one in the center in the mornings. Either she refused to take other anchoring jobs or management knew she was too inexperienced to be taken seriously on anything else.

    Whether Kiran and Alisyn are wearing granny pants is not my expertise, but you can bet that as the years go by, the skirts will be getting longer, the blouses will be more loose and have more buttons, and lastly, you won’t see them on air as much.

  2. Media Ho' Says:

    As I recall, the “grapevine” said Chetry demanded Gretch be fired, so she (Chetry) could host F&F.
    Fox management balked at her demands and was miffed that Chetry & her agent tried to “big time” them.
    Turned out to be the right decision by the Fox suits, F&F’s ratings have soared since Gretch replaced ED Hill on the “curvy couch”

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