Ainz May Freeze Her Eggs

Fox and Friends Weekend guest co-host Ainsley Earhardt may not have any children yet but she certainly seems more than willing to try. In a segment on a New York doctor’s innovation to allow women to have children later in life, Ainsley discussed with her co-hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris her childless state and how she might remedy her situation in the future.

Earlier, the three co-anchors conversed about in vitro fertilization and older women’s growing prospects of birthing babies. Dave declared, “The question…when is it too old to have your eggs frozen? When is it too old to give birth to children?” To which, Ainsley then replied, “Freezing the eggs, I have friends that are doing this…in their late thirties, their early forties. They’re freezing their eggs because they’re not married yet.” Co-anchor Clayton Morris interjected, “Fertility drops after forty years old.” “Exactly,” responded Ainsley. She continued, “So when they’re ready to use these eggs, then they’re available. It’s very expensive, though: I want to say its like $20,000 a pop.”

Wisely, Dave said, “As a man, I have a hard time telling a woman when it’s too old to have children. Clayton agreed but added, “At some point, it becomes about you rather than the children.” Dave declared, “But, these women in their mid-to late-forties, I say go for it.”

Ringless, Ainsley responded, “I agree. Hey! I’m not going to knock it ’cause…I’m no spring chicken and I don’t have kids. If I get to be forty years old and I don’t have my kids, then, yeah, I might consider freezing my eggs. We’ll see.”

Chuckling, Clayton jested, “Please keep us updated on that.” Smiling abashedly, Ainsley answered, “I will: I’ll let you know.” Dave chimed, “Yeah, please do!”

Ainsley’s new favorite song? Ice, Ice, Baby!

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