Kissing Kiran’s Foot–Literally!

A must Kiran Chetry YouTube moment!* Fitness guru Richard Simmons could not get enough of American Morning’s incomparable Kiran. Before the final question of a fitness interview, Simmons eagerly bussed her right hand. As the segment ended, he grabbed Kiran’s left foot (semi-clad in a high-heeled shoe) with both his hands and began enthusiastically kissing the top of her toes and arch. Unsuccessfully trying to pull her foot back, a chagrined Kiran pleaded, “Let’s take a break!” As he continued to kiss her foot, a smiling, blushing Kiran exclaimed, “This is so embarrassing! Thank you, Richard.” Simmons replied, “Cinderella, it fits! Let’s all have a ball!” As the camera panned to guest co-anchor Rob Marciano, Rob remarked, “Clearly, Richard Simmons loves you.”

Indeed he does. He’s not alone. Watch out Fox & Friends: the fun, frisky Kiran has reemerged on AM!

*8:58 ET a.m.


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19 Responses to “Kissing Kiran’s Foot–Literally!”

  1. Tom B. Says:

    The guy’s crazy. Only Richard Simmons could get away with something like that. Too bad for him Anderson Cooper is on assignment in Israel!

  2. Kep Says:

    Kiran will take publicity any way she can get it. She got mentioned on Tv Newser today, and I think it’s the first time she’s been mentioned on that site since the initial publicity of her joining CNN back in Feb of 2007! No, Kiran doesn’t get mentioned for any media accomplishments, special projects, awards or ratings, but instead, her attention is obtained by letting little wimp Richard kiss her feet. Well, I guess whatever it takes!

  3. Boogiewoogee Says:

    “Watch out Fox & Friends: the fun, frisky Kiran has reemerged on AM!”

    Sorry dude, but Kiran still has the intellectual depth of a puddle. There’s nothing for F&F to fear.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Tom B., Simmons never ceases to entertain and Kiran took it wonderfully in stride.

    Kep, why the unrelenting diatribes against Kiran?

    BW, more animadversions?

  5. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Why did you alter/censor my post?

  6. jakeho Says:

    Inappropriate subject matter.

  7. Boogiewoogee Says:

    When did you sensibilities become so delicate that a perfectly acceptable phrase is inappropriate? Because it’s about one of your faves? If someone had compared Gretchen’s personality to that, I doubt it would have been censored. Of course you’ll say otherwise…

  8. jakeho Says:

    BW, I assume that your vocabulary is adequate to impart your perspective without resorting to gutter verbiage. Cf. Kep’s posts: he’s harsher than you but seems to know the difference.

  9. Boogiewoogee Says:

    “Gutter verbiage”? Again, we assume it wouldn’t be considered so if written about Gretchen, who apparently committed the mortal sin of getting the job that you wanted for Kiran.

  10. jakeho Says:

    Non sequitur.

  11. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Not at all. You censor criticism of Kiran, whereas we bet that you wouldn’t do so if it were about Gretchen, unless it were actually vulgar.

    You’ve made it quite clear many times that you think Gretchen doesn’t deserve the job she has and that it was rightfully Kiran’s. In fact, if we remember correctly, you used to falsely claim that Kiran had the job and was removed from it for Gretchen, when the truth is that Kiran was let go from Fox News after her agent tried to make firing Gretchen so Kiran could replace her a condition of Kiran signing a new contract.

  12. jakeho Says:

    BW, I did misspeak in that regard once. When apprised of my mistake, I immediately and readily acknowledged the error. To insinuate that it was intentional and repeated is utter rot.

    [As to your assertion that Kiran’s agent made that demand as FNC alleged, he unequivocally denied it.]

    As to your spurious speculation as to my Gretchen non-editing, where is the q.e.d.?

    BW, you are welcome to civilly comment on this blog. However, if you would prefer to post otherwise, there are other avenues to do so.

  13. Kep Says:

    Jakeho, You ask why the “unrelenting diatribes” against Kiran? I guess it’s no more unrelenting than the frequency with which you post about her, only your thoughts are almost always positive.

    Here’s the deal. I don’t have much respect for anyone who demands that someone be fired from their job, who thinks the sun and moon revolves around them. I’ve worked with people like that and it’s not pleasant. And, I don’t particularly care for women who seem to value lower life forms over unborn children. In other words, Chetry’s obvious pro-choice views, based on her utterances over the years, are somewhat nauseating. There, did I explain it good enough for you?

  14. jakeho Says:

    Kep, even though you and I have obviously different views of Kiran and the facts, I appreciate your explanation of your perspective.

  15. kh Says:

    kep is right she thinks shes gods gift to men and as far as marciano hes a clown

  16. kh Says:

    i love kiran but she needs to stop flirting and worry about her kids her marriage its not my business but i think her marriage is going down the s****er

  17. kh Says:

    i was aliitle over board with last post sorry guys but its just my opinion

  18. Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties? « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] biking shorts” under her skirt the day that Richard Simmons had a sudden urge to literally kiss her […]

  19. V.E.G. Says:

    It has the same principle as the Michael Jackson and John Landis but John Landis did not kiss his foot rather tickle his foot. Jackson laughs when John Landis tickles his foot!

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