Safe Spaces: Right!

Safe Space: Fake News? Does anybody who watches cable news on a regular basis believe that the co-hosts who are appearing as the Brady Bunch a la Fox and Friends or The Five or six  feet from each other a la New Day buy it? If one does, one probably should be more than willing to buy the Brooklyn bridge from a stranger or the one that Senator Hatch offered to sell in Massachusetts.

No one with any media savvy or political correctness gone amok believe this inanity is for real. Obviously, they are attempting to make a statement as to what the voter should observe–and to be politically correct seemingly.

But, it is irritating to watch knowing full well that these co-hosts are probably congregating in the green room or a private bar nearby. Even though the intent may be benign, the virtue signalling is nauseating.


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2 Responses to “Safe Spaces: Right!”

  1. avondale25 Says:

    Well, a few (NBC Today show, for one, but I’ve seen others) ARE broadcasting from home, because we’ve seen their homes. But you’re right, their hair and makeup is too perfect. Some have a team helping them for sure.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with avondale25. The eyelashes of Harris Faulkner are still 3 feet long. How are the hair and make up people being protected? I imagine the on air talent are still sitting in the same hair and make up chairs each day before they “isolate” for the camera.

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