Kilmeade: A Comedic Ringer

Thanks to Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson’s query today, co-host Brian Kilmeade’s “secret” is out. Long-time fans of the most popular cable morning news show have long been regaled by Brian who rarely, if ever, fails to amuse his audience: whether he is embarrassing Gretchen, piquing Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, or slapping Alisyn Camerota’s derriere, the Massapequa man-child generally coaxes a smile from even the most incorrigible curmudgeon. However, the author (and, perhaps, others) did not realize that the sports guy is a comedic ringer.

During an interview today of Chinese comic Joe Wong (who has a Ph.D. in biochemistry) by the F&F co-hosts, the truth was revealed. In the preface to a question to Wong, Brian riantly remarked, “We have a very similar background ’cause I also have a biochemistry degree I don’t use.” As Wong laughed, Gretchen turned to Brian and ingenuously queried, “Actually, you were a stand-up comedian: weren’t you?” Apparently, not willing to let his viewers in on that info, Brian evasively jested, “Uh, I was a biochemist.”

Actually, Gretchen was right. According to Brian’s Web site, he “has seven years of experience as a stand-up comedian.” Apparently, that is not counting his time at FNC.

Keep up the funny business, Brian. But, remember, the bar is now raised!

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