It Might Work

Megan Henderson, this weekend’s Fox & Friends’ girl in the middle, seemed to gel with her co-hosts, Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, this time. She had a more natural rapport with the castrato choir, seemed much more comfortable, and had a sexy, flirty flair. With her short, slinky blue dress showing a hint of cleavage and alot of leg, the tasty Texan heightened the heat in the studio and over the air waves. If Megan can drop her exaggerated gesticulations and excessive emoting and add more of an independent attitude and assertive sass, she may have a good chance of becoming another Alisyn Camerota.

If Megan does indeed take the center seat, Ainsley Earhardt could remain on the program in the position of news reader and Courtney Freil could become its entertainment anchor full time. Rick should stay in his role as real, irreverent meteorological counterpoint to the too oft conformist co-hosts.

 The question now is whether Megan Henderson can repeat her performance Sunday. Let’s hope so. Maybe, F&F Weekend will finally find its footing again

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37 Responses to “It Might Work”

  1. Chris G Says:

    Meh, I saw a bit of Megan this AM. She doesn’t really appeal to me, but is much better than Ainsley, IMO. She appears to have some semblance of a brain, at least. Still do not like the men on the show now (except Rick). Still think the chemistry with the weekenders is woefully lacking.

    One thing I noted (and I only watched for a bit today) was that those three appeared very rude and dimsissive toward Courtney. From what I saw, they never thanked her for “reading” the news (or butchering it, or whatever it is that Courtney does for FNC), like Page and Kelly would thank Ainsley (or whomever was working). Literally, she was simply ignored after reading the headlines, left to stand there awkwardly. I’m NO Courtney fan, and think the woman should go back to being the bikini on a card table, but I thought that was very rude and unprofessional of those three. Yeah, she lacks basic broadcasting skills, but she’s still your colleague- at least acknowledge her. She seemed very “deer in the headlights” this morning. Or, more so, than usual. The actions spoke volumes about Clayton, Megan, and Dave. More than anything, it showed me how unprofessional and catty and self absorbed they all are. Really, how rude of them.

    Again, the highlight of the show was …….the weather guy!

  2. Al Davis Says:

    Hmmm…. Ok, because of your review I’ll give F&FW a shot tomorrow. I’m skeptical about it, though.

  3. boogiewoogee Says:

    Nope. Ain’t gonna work. I’ve watched some of the show this weekend, to see if Megan can make any difference. All she does is serve as a stark contrast to the silly, immature, brainless antics of Clayton and Dave, the Deadly Dull.

    I nearly hurled the TV out the nearest window when Clayton was trying to talk to some pundit type and asked a question about how McCain will go after the “independent” votes, since he has the (GOP) base all sewn up.

    Yep. Either Clayton is too stupid for words, or he’s been hanging around (speaking of brainless) Courtney Friel way too much lately.

  4. boogiewoogee Says:

    Also, Courtney Friel isn’t capable of any kind of anchoring, not even something as useless as entertainment. If she were decent enough at it, why did FNC turn around and hire Jill Dobson (who mispronounces “picture” as “pitcher”)?

    With a script in a teleprompter, Friel is barely tolerable and working above her capabilities, but anchors have to ad-lib and think on their feet, which would mean massive failure for the overly bleached, too tanned twit with the stuffed bra.

  5. Brendon Says:

    We tuned into F&FW just to take a peak….what a huge mistake! What we saw,, around the 9:30 hour, was Clayton, attempting to be funny, teasing the cameraman to zoom in on him. What an idiot, I had to change the channel….that’s it, we are done, it’s like watching Romper Room, only a lot less fun. We tolerated Mike, Juliet & Julian….but miss the Kelly Gang, Page & Kiran.

  6. joshng01 Says:

    I am so sorry that I don’t care for Megan! Everyone else seems to like her.
    I think she is every bit as unprofessional as Ainsley and Courtney. As a matter of fact, I sort of think that Ainsley seems a little more knowledgeable than Megan. Can that be true? Everyone seems to be centered on the “sexy, good looking side of it” and I think all three fill that bill.

    I just am disappointed with all of them. They all seem like they’re trying too hard to please and maybe they are, considering all the criticism that I’ve read about them, but if they could relax, it could work. Megan and Bill seem to have fun on the weekday mornings and they aren’t engaged in slapstick. On the weekends, I fully expect to hear a drum roll, when they come to the end of a sentence. Oh, please, Lord, help me to be more positive, because I think they’re all here to stay. My appreciation of cute, and lively will never be back I don’t think, so I have to work on tolerance or channel switching. I don’t think Megan will ever be an Alysyn. Alysyn can be humorous without being silly. And Miss Flutter-hands can’t seem to do that. And she’s really into the “I’m so girly, help me”. And in spite of all the comments I’ve heard about Ainsley, such as: teeth whitened, breast implanted, audience flasher, bleached blond…I think she outlooks the Tx. gal by a mile. I guess it’s important to have a good looker, but just give us some good material on the weekend. We’ve gotten past the clips from night shows, so now lets get rid of the poor man who got hit by two cars. It’s so painful.

  7. Donnnie Says:

    Finally, a woman is both smart and sexy is hosting fox weekend. I was flipping through the channels and I saw she replaced that boring blonde twit who’s name I can’t even remember.

    Megan Henderson is skinnier, has just as good a figure. But, above all she has what the other women who were in that chair on the weekends were lacking. Megan Henderson has brains and sex appeal (she showed a hint of classy cleavage) and she is not ditzy. I hope this lady is permanent.

    Now all they got to do is get rid of that lazy TOOL Dave Briggs.

  8. Al Davis Says:

    I watched a good part of F&FW today and it wasn’t so bad. Wasn’t great, either, but it could work once this team figures each other out. Morris was surprisingly entertaining and Briggs seemed to be the one a little off his game. Megan Henderson did a good job. We’ll see.

    I hope Ainsley Earhardt doesn’t come back to this show. She’s not suited for this show’s format. As far as Courtney Friel doing the news reports, I don’t care. I can easily pause and fast forward through that part.

  9. Veronica Says:

    Megan I believe is a good anchor/reporter, but I’m not sure on the Co-host position.  She was kind of “vanilla”. I’m thinking not very experienced at the live – often unscripted type show that F & F is. So- maybe there will be more female try outs for the “center seat” on the weekend couch!!

  10. boogiewoogee Says:

    Chris G., maybe there’s a reason that most people are dismissive and try to ignore Courtney. That’s all I’m sayin’ for now.

  11. Laura Says:

    I wish they would not invite Meagan back as a co-host. She talks right over the guests as well as the guys. She seems to spend too much time posing for the camera or try to catch a peek of herself. I think I acutally yelled at the TV for her to shut up during the crap cooking segment. Not a fan of hers at all.

  12. boogiewoogee Says:

    Laura, would you rather have sickeningly phony sweet Ainsley and her BFF Courtney? At least when Ainsley’s not there, the others don’t encourage the imbecile (Courtney) to keep babbling.

  13. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Watched just enough this weekend to know that I’ll not be checking back in. Megan was somewhat better than the audition Saturday, but still woefully lacking. (BTW, she’s a California girl–not Texas. She even made the statement that she was a California girl this weekend.) She did look better in the blue outfit, but it was definitely tight enough and low enough to let you know who and what they’re trying to appeal to. She’s also highlighted her hair; so I’m guessing that she’ll be going blonder to try to fit in with the vast majority of the other Fox women. Clayton is still a moron and Dave is just dull. Sorry! They’re a “no go” for me.

    I did watch a few minutes of a recording from early February I’d made of our previous crew and wanted to cry since Greg/Page/Kelly were so much better. I really cared about them as people–not just weekend anchors. Rick is the only thing left to tune in for, and I’m just not able to sit through all the silly antics for him alone.

    TTFN F&F Weekend!

  14. Becky Says:

    I missed Ainsley.

    Megan is not very attractive at all (for whatever that matters) and had a very annoying personality. I refused to even watch on Sunday.

  15. motownman Says:

    Can’t Ainsley go on vacation without you guys trying to replace her?
    Megan was better this time, but it’s Ainsley’s job and deservedly so
    I think it’s more of an indictment of Courtney that FNC won’t let her sub for Ainsley. Courtney’s last hosting job was Christmas Day
    Boogie, if you don’t like Ainsley, that’s fine, but the insults about her appearance are too much. I never made cracks about Page’s appearance, although God knows I could
    IMO, Page is the phony. Ainsley is sweet and genuine
    Obviously, FNC made a decision to skew younger. But the way this show is constructed, a lot depends on the humor of Clayton Morris and that’s a scary situation for anyone
    Ainsley does overnights three times a week, F&FW on weekends and Hannity’s America on her off days
    It’s apparent Fox thinks highly of her and she’s here to stay, whether you like it or not
    One more thing, boogie. For someone who doesn’t like the Reporter Caps site, you sure seem to frequent it a lot
    I guess you are just jealolus of a young, beautiful, successful woman

  16. joshng01 Says:

    Please give me an example of a segment when Megan showed that she had brains? I really did catch a sort of a smart part of Ainsley. Courtney is great when she is doing sports or entertainment. And she’s cute, and probably likable. She reads the teleprompter better than Dave, so that’s something, but we’re just picking mostly on the females aren’t we?
    I’m so glad that I go to church on Sunday at 7:30 and then breakfast, and I’m getting dressed from 6:00 until I leave, so I don’t get to see much of that.
    I guess they (Fox) still think that young people that would L-o-o-o-v-e this group is home to see it or even awake from a Fri. and Sat. night out. I just don’t believe there’s a majority of youth out there watching this. We don’t want stodgy people like me working the camera, but gosh, there must be somebody.
    I never thought Greg was all that good on Sunday. He always seemed like he was nervous and embarrassed by some of the things the others said. Clayton is getting better, but not by much.
    We’ll just have to see what happens.
    And, oh, thanks for telling me that Megan says she’s a California girl, I was going to mention that she had that little piling her words in a clump style in a sing-song voice that made me think she was, but all I could hear was she was Tx., Tx., Tx.

  17. boogiewoogee Says:

    Sparty, if you are so sensitive about insulting women’s appearances, then why do you not speak up when Page and Gretchen are trashed over on RC? We read RC for the (unintentional) humor of the celibate shut-ins and other assorted freaks.

    How typical of you to automatically accuse people of jealousy when they don’t fawn all over the airhead bimbo of your fantasies. Ainsley, beautiful? Please. If she didn’t have the flat-ironed, bleached hair and the gargantuan breasts, you wouldn’t look at her twice.

    So Sparty, why are you so certain that Ainsley is so sweet and genuine, and that Page is not? Do you know the women? Have you spent time with either or both? Have you worked with them? Or can you just “tell” because you obsessively watch poor Ainsley on TV and think she’s sending secret signals to you?

  18. boogiewoogee Says:

    Josh, Megan seems to be able to carry on conversations and didn’t make a mockery out of the deaths of TV stars from an era before her time – as Ainsley has done.

    Courtney is useless at reading the prompter and doing sports and entertainment. She doesn’t know sports and she’s so inept at entertainment that the network had to hire Jill Dobson as well as use outside contributors on the “big” entertainment stories.

    I think Clayton is an idiot who tries to hard. His remark this weekend that McCain may have trouble courting the Independents, while he has the GOP base “sewn up” shows how ignorant he is of basic political facts.

    Dave? He’s duller than drab. He’s supposed to be a sports guy, but he seems almost as inept at that as Courtney is.

    Poor Rick Reichmuth. He was probably relieved to be away from the studio on Saturday!

  19. motownman Says:

    To be honest, boogie. when Page and the Kellys hosted, I watched CNN and Weekend Today
    I watched F&FW when Juliet and Kiran were on, but I thought the Page, Kelly and Greg combo was boring. I only started watching them when Ainsley replaced Gregg Jarrett
    I don’t defend Page and Gretchen because I am not a fan
    If I am not a fan I don’t say anything, though I admit I did say some things about Page I should not have said
    Why do you care so much that I like Ainsley? We have Jamie Colby and Julie Banderas fans too, but you don’t rip the people that post about them
    As far as Ainsley and Page go, that’s why we have these boards. Everybody has different likes and dislikes. You don’t like Ainsley. I don’t like Page
    At least we can agree Clayton and Dave are doofuses. Rick is the best guy on that show.

  20. boogiewoogee Says:

    Sparty, do you want to know why I am anti-Ainsle, other than her dubious talent and skills?

    It’s because of how you and your pals at RC not only repeatedly and cruelly trashed her on your boards there, but also bombarded FNC with an an anti-Page/pro-Ainsley barrage.

    YOU MAY HAVE CAUSED THIS WOMAN TO LOSE HER CAREER! And for what? Because she doesn’t have a gigantic chest and she didn’t give “accidental” panty flashes? No sane and rational person thought that Page was rude or “mean” to Queen Ainsley, just because she refused to genuflect before her.

    So yeah, that’s why I hope Ainsley fails, and fails miserably.

  21. raders Says:

    I was not a fan of Megan. She was attractive enough, but came across as smug and full of herself. Like she was trying too hard. The three seemed to get along but at times Megan tried to steal the show and was patronizing

  22. motownman Says:

    Boogie, I am flattered you think the folks at the RC board have such power, though I find the concept laughable. Bottom line: If Roger Ailes likes you, or dislikes you, it doesn’t matter what you, I or anyone else thinks. Nice talking to you, boogie.

  23. John Says:

    I thought the new gal did a nice job. Plus, it’s nice to finally have a brunette in there!

  24. Anne Says:

    I think it’s evident that the old team is NOT coming back and everyone needs to just accept it. Harping on this message board isn’t going to bring the old gang back. Fox is obviously going in a different direction and we can either go along for the ride and give it a chance or not. That’s what the remote is for.

    Ainsley is sweet, but I thought Megan did a good job for her second time out the gate. I thought she was pretty and smart enough – and seemed to keep up with the guys well enough. However I will still need to watch her a bit more to get a final read on the situation.

  25. raders Says:

    I thought she came across as a bimbo, then again, the other guys aren’t much better. But at least they seemed to know current events.

  26. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Yes, Megan Henderson is from California … But, she’s from San Clemente … That’s the OC … which is a completely different mindset than the rest of the state … And the same can be said for anyone from San Francisco or Berkeley …

    But, Megan’s been heavily influenced by Dallas / Texas with her over the top hand waving and the hurricane hoochie hair …

    It’s too painful to look at & listen to Ainsley … She’s always got that blasted “pained” look on her face as if someone was sticking her with a cattle prod … Her questions during interviews are just bad … She’s too much like saccharin and quite phony …

    Jill Dobson is too tabloid for the entertainment reports … They never should’ve gotten rid of Bill McCuddy as the celebrities really like him since he would think outside the box in his questions during the interviews which made the junkets fun to go to … Courtney is just toooooo starstruck …

    Clayton’s an idiot because he is a liberal / activist and he’s not afraid of people knowing that … But, he doesn’t know how to work on a right wing network & has to flub his way through the shows trying to be a comedian …

    One has to seriously wonder how the husbands of Ainsley & Courtney truly feel knowing that there are guys out there that are “handling” themselves over sick fantasies about their wives …

    IF Page is too old … Then why hasn’t Fox dumped Gretchen, Alisyn, Banderas, Megyn, E.D., Greta, etc ???

    I think Rupert Murdoch needs to clean house & start at the top … with Ailes / Moody / Shine … Then Courtney / Ainsley / Gibson / Dobson / Nauert / Briggs / Clayton / Geraldo / Greta / Gretchen … The network sucks now & that’s why they’re losing ratings to other shows … Viewers are walking away from their longtime favorite shows …

  27. boogiewoogee Says:

    Tiamat, there are some men who get off at the thought of other men getting off to their wives. Sort of like the guys who accompany their wives and girlfriends when they enter wet t-shirt and amateur stripping contests, and those who send their wives’ and girlfriends’ pics to porn mags.

    I do hope that Ainsley and Courtney read RC, if only to know that they should take out restraining orders.

  28. Chris G Says:

    LOL, Courtney could not handle that middle chair, unless she simply sat there and smiled for three hours, which, I’m sure would make for riveting TV. Enjoy that Ainsley while you can, ’cause when she hits those late 30’s (she’s close, right?) – she’s GONE. She doesn’t have the skills to keep that job- she’s been very lucky that she made it this far. And I do not think that chair is “Ainsley’s, and deservedly so.” She lucked out. Keep looking over your shoulder, Ainsley. There is someone younger and smarter than you, ready to bump you. Such is tv news….

    As a viewer, I cannot help the poor direction the show has taken. I do not care for the current hosts, but this is not brain surgery. F & F W was a show I enjoyed , b/c Greg, Kelly, Page and Rick made it interesting and fun- without insulting my intelligence. Now, it’s juvenile and dull- to me. FNC has lost some loyal fans, but, life marches on. It’s just a tv show.

    As for the comment of being “jealous” of a woman on tv- please. Some of us are well over the age (physical AND mental) of 15, and have lives to lead. They include spouses and careers and children and friends. It is rather amusing (and sad) to reduce your frustration to the comment “You’re jealous.” That is a word for teenagers- not for adults. I realize the RC sickos are not in the latter category- their endless watching and capping of women who would NEVER give THEM the time of day in real life is kinda sad, but, it is confined to their computer, not the real world in which the rest of us live. I also believe they had a hand in dumping Ainsley on us, too, which is annoying. Anyone with 16,000 posts in a couple of months ANYWHERE has no life. They just don’t. Sad. So, let them cap and watch and post and sit at their computer all their lives. The rest of us will raise our kids and enjoy life outside and put up with changes to our favorite shows, but will be living a life- not watching someone else’s on TV.

  29. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Boogie – I know about “those” types of men … But, I was being semi tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing … We know that the RC boys have no life outside of their screen caps & fantasies about Courtney & Ainsley …

    That’s probably the problem with the top brass at FNC … They’re having those same sick fantasies … and we’re stuck with the mess …

  30. Susan Says:

    I’m thinking the producers of this show have to key on the personalities of the hosts they sign on to “do the show”. Ie- Clayton is supposed to be the “funny” guy- and his antics are encouraged, DAve is supposed to be more the “sports” guy and of course an attractive female who can hold their own and offer some fun discussion between all of them- while also giving us some news and some points of interest- Ie “news by the numbers” and the Tech talk”. I like the format of the show- and generally the personalities that have been regulars. It must be hard when they switch up the hosts -for all involved!

  31. boogiewoogee Says:

    Well, Susan, if that’s what the producers are attempting, they should be fired and banned from ever working in TV – or even watching TV.

    Clayton is immature and unfunny. Dave is boring and has the speaking pattern of some serious stoners I’ve met. Ainsley isn’t particularly attractive (outside of her big chest and flatironed bleached blonde hair), and she’s not exactly a MENSA candidate. She does a decent job of reading the headlines and adding a few ad libs here and there, but she has zero depth or insight. She doesn’t even understand some of the most basic concepts in the U.S. Constitution, and then there was the time she asked Father Jonathan Morris if the Pope was going to endorse a Presidential candidate during his recent visit here And when the polite priest pointed out that the Pope doesn’t do that sort of thing, she wrongly claimed that because of his rather public stances on abortion, we all know who he’s pulling for to win anyway.

    As an adult, I get nothing out of this incarnation of F&FWe, other than annoyance. This show is now being geared toward early 20-something guys who graduated college in the last few years, call everyone “DUUUUUUUDE!!!!” and are just coming home when this stupid show is on the air.

    I also find nothing remotely cute, clever or even irreverent about the way these morons consistently manage to be rude about the deaths of showbiz people who were famous before they (the idiots) were born.

    Other than last weekend when Megan Henderson mercifully substituted for Ainsley, I haven’t watched that show since Dave’s first weekend.

    And I will guarantee that most of us who’ve tuned out and are watching other channels (or not watching anything at all) are more valued by advertisers than the housebound of RC (who bombarded FNC with so much pro-Ainsley propaganda that it looked like a major movement) who have little or no disposable income.

  32. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Boogie – The nickname of “Painsley” is MY nickname for Ainsley that I gave to her over a year ago … BECAUSE she’s always got that dayum pained look on her face as if someone is ramming a cattle prod or 2×4 up her spine.

  33. raders Says:

    Megan’s holier than thou attitude is a real turn off

  34. boogiewoogee Says:

    Tia, I thought she got the Painsley nickname for the pain she inflicts on viewers.

    Raders, if you really want to be repelled by that attitude, then watch Ainsley when she decides to moralize. Just when did Megan do that? Got any examples?

  35. Brendon Says:


    According to TVNewser, Brian & Steve are anchoring F&F tomorrow. Should we be at all surprised that the suits don’t trust coverage of Tim Russert to the idiots we’ve been treated to for the last 4 months? They are obviously aware of weaknesses that grace the curvy couch on the weekends, it certainly isn’t a vote of confidence.

  36. boogiewoogee Says:

    Good catch, Brendon! The FNC sked says that Brian, Gretchen and Steve will be on tomorrow morning.

    I guess The Powers That Be don’t want to risk the Fab Four mangling and mocking Russert’s passing, as they’ve done to some TV icons recently.

    But it appears that they’re back on Sunday, with Griff Jenkins in for Dull Dave. You know it’s a bad sign when Griff Jenkins is the smartest and most professional on the set.

  37. boogiewoogee Says:

    It’s nice to be able to watch F&FWe and not feel like gagging. Although they did bring in a very shaken and teary Clayton to tell the story of the time he met and got some career advice from Russert and Brokaw, at the Dems’ presidential convention…in 1999.

    No wonder he was so easily able to meet them – the real convention was a year later. D’oh!

    It’s rather telling that F&FWe is the only show in today’s lineup that bumped its weekend staff for the A-team, especially since Steve, Ali and Brian were out late (at least for them, on their schedules) last night.

    Hopefully this is a good sign that changes may be coming to F&FWe, rendering it watchable again.

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