Buttoned-Up AM

Is the fashion guru of Hillary Clinton whispering fashion advice into the ears of American Morning’s crew? Does a woman still have to ape a man in appearance to succeed? Please! Kyra Phillips wore a midi skirt just above her knee once again, today, with a white top that had a faux Mao collar done Elvis-style. Gasp! She did have one button undone. Alina Cho was even more conservative with her similar collar turned down and fully buttoned. The twins in white matched John Roberts’ shirt in color and almost in style. AM needs to remember the French phrase as to the sexes, “Viva la difference!” Especially, when it come to their resident Aphrodite, Kiran Chetry. Speaking of whom, when will she reappear?

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One Response to “Buttoned-Up AM”

  1. Fran Says:

    Never I hope! AM is so much better with Kyra & John. Kiran is stale and doesn’t ask the hard questions like Kyra does.

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