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It Might Work

June 7, 2008

Megan Henderson, this weekend’s Fox & Friends’ girl in the middle, seemed to gel with her co-hosts, Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, this time. She had a more natural rapport with the castrato choir, seemed much more comfortable, and had a sexy, flirty flair. With her short, slinky blue dress showing a hint of cleavage and alot of leg, the tasty Texan heightened the heat in the studio and over the air waves. If Megan can drop her exaggerated gesticulations and excessive emoting and add more of an independent attitude and assertive sass, she may have a good chance of becoming another Alisyn Camerota.

If Megan does indeed take the center seat, Ainsley Earhardt could remain on the program in the position of news reader and Courtney Freil could become its entertainment anchor full time. Rick should stay in his role as real, irreverent meteorological counterpoint to the too oft conformist co-hosts.

┬áThe question now is whether Megan Henderson can repeat her performance Sunday. Let’s hope so. Maybe, F&F Weekend will finally find its footing again

Where’s Courtney?

June 2, 2008

Patti Ann “Brainy” Browne, a summa cum laude M.A. grad from NY Institute of Technology, was the news reader for Fox & Friends Saturday, and sassy Suzanne Sena, a former entertainment anchor for “Extra” in LA and a whilom occasional one for E! Entertainment Network, followed suit on F&F Sunday. No mention was made of Courtney Friel as these ladies were possibly auditioning for that role or were filling in until Ainsley Earhardt, perhaps, takes the position in the summer. Remember TVNewser reported that Roger Ailes was “very impressed with her [Megan Henderson’s] skills as a morning anchor” and that she “has an out in her KDFW contract this summer and that her “appearances [on FNC] ‘would not be limited to weekends.'” Where is Courtney? Is she out, or did Fox News merely omit mention of her weekend absence on F&F?


Brigg’s “Newest Career”

May 17, 2008

As Ainsley Earhardt discussed summer jobs with Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs on FNC’s Fox & Friends Saturday, Ainsley said, “Dave would quit every job after a day, he’s telling us.” Dave replied, “I had a brief stint at the Gap.” Ainsley asked, “So this is your longest career?” Dave responded, “A couple of weeks now, yeah.” After Shepherd’s welcoming Clayton Morris to the team in an earlier F&F Weekend program, it appears that both Dave and Clayton are secure in their positions. Ainsley’s position as co-host appears more in doubt with reports that Megan Henderson may come aboard in the summer. Of course, she could replace Courtney Friel as news reader: she appears in that capacity often on other Fox News’ shows. The saga continues.

Kelly Wright Back on F&F Weekend

May 17, 2008

Kelly Wright returned to Fox & Friends Saturday, not as co-host but as Washington correspondent. (He reported on the Bush/Obama “appeasement” controversy.) For fans of Wright and his foremer co-anchors, Page Hopkins and Greg Kelly, it brought back memories of the earlier team and their special rapport. For followers of the new team of Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs, it reminds them that this new crew may, too, change with the possible addition of Megan Henderson.

A Megan Morning?

May 13, 2008

Yesterday’s TVNewser reported that FNC is “Hot for Henderson.” One of its sources said that the Fox Dallas/Fort Worth affiliate allure, Megan Henderson, has impressed Roger Ailes with her skills as a morning co-host. An apparent insider added that her work would not be limited to the weekend.

If Megan returns to Fox and Friends Weekend, will she replace the lone lovely, Ainsley Earhardt, or will she supplant one of the boys, i.e., Dave Briggs or Clayton Morris? Even though some of this blog’s readers don’t particularly cotton to the South Carolina belle, she and Megan might make for some interesting chemistry. Megan seems to be a bit of a diva and Ainsley appears to be the sweet Southern girl that Momma would love. F&F Weekends might serve up a Dixie distaff duel.


Another Weekend: Another Face

April 12, 2008

“Pretty Face” Dave Briggs, a Boston sports news guy, took G.I. Ken’s seat today. In the never-ending Fox & Friends Weekend search for its permanent co-host cast, FNC brought in this former WHDH-TV (Boston) sports reporter/anchor to sub for Greg Kelly. Ainsley Earhardt is back in her center space, saccharinely declaring herself twice to be the “luckiest girl this morning” sitting between Briggs and Clayton Morris.

If you awoke nauseated this morning, you may be in the MTV demographic that had a long, hard night and will get back in bed after visiting the porcelain throne. If you’re not in F&F Weekend’s fave demographic, you may just can’t wait to get off of this eternal carousel ride. One positive is that they may find a combination that works: another is that fan favorites, like Page Hopkins and Kelly Wright, may still have an outside chance to return.

Ainsley Earhardt made up to David Murphy, the eleven year old Cleveland lad who steered a moving school bus away from an oncoming semi. She asked him whether he had disengaged the emergency brake and he denied it: then she complimented him and added that she had no choice but to believe him because the bus company had refused to talk to F&F Weekend. Shepherd Smith, had interviewed the lad with a jaundiced eye and gave the viewer the clear impression that he disbelieved the boy.

Weatherman Rick Reithmuth returned from Hawaii as the lovely Domenica Davis went back to her weekly meterological duties. Courtney Friel, newsreader lovely, seemed safely ensconced in her usual role for now. Megan Henderson, last weekend’s auditioning dish, has returned to the Lone Star State.

Open Center Square

April 9, 2008

As Fox & Friends Weekend viewers know, the co-host cast is temp to the extreme. When I returned from a trip to listen anew to last Saturday’s show, I found a somewhat interesting exchange at the earliest part of that program.

Megan Henderson said, “Who is that in the center square?” Greg Kelly responded, “Megan Kelly Henderson.” Clayton Morris chimed, “Greg and I called, Greg and I commisserated midweek, and we said, ‘Get that Megan up here.'” Greg added, “Megan, we take whoever they’ll give us but we are privileged that it was you.”

Obviously, the middle square, at least, is still open. Ainsley Earhardt, an innocent and sugary Southern belle, seemed to be developing somewhat a rapport with Clayton, an unctous Eastern seaboarder, and Greg Kelly, an awkward New York G.I., and the stereotypical California sexy surfer news reader girl, Courtney Friel. Are they back to square one?

Lately, Ainsley has been been appearing throughout the day and evening as a contributor and as a newsreader. Her predecessor, Page Hopkins, has appeared twice on What’s Happening at the Breaking News desk. (The suits seemed to have shown her off as a kidnapper might do to prove that she was still around: where they have her now is anybody’s guess.) Who knows who these indecisive “idiots” will finally choose or settle upon!

If these pompous execs were from a more rural Southern locale, their nana might be rapping them about the head with a wooden spoon for their impertinence to and disregard of the viewers.

What Do You Think?

April 5, 2008

TVLive was right: Megan Henderson, the Texas brunette beauty, is gracing our screen on Fox & Friends Weekend as a guest co-host in the center spot. (It appears that she is auditioning for Ainsley Earhardt’s spot since Courtney Friel remains the news reader and Greg Kelly and Clayton Morris are flanking the new lovely.) Megan reminds one of Kathie Lee Gifford, i.e., energetic, effervescent, and a bit egocentric. Even though she’s a Texas honey like E.D. Hill, erstwhile long-time co-host of F&F, Megan doesn’t seem to have E.D.’s down-to-earth personality. Ainsley has E.D.’s earnestness but not her earthiness: one can hardly imagine Ainsley frolicking au naturale, or, at least, European beach-style on a camping trip as E.D. is reportedly not adverse.

FNC, if you want to replace “temp” Ainsley, try out Domenica Davis, Megyn Kelly, or Page Hopkins again.

What do you guys and gals think?

No “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin”?

April 2, 2008

According to Inside Cable News (happily recently returned: thanks, JDP for the alert), TVLive reports that Fox News intends to revamp Fox & Friends Weekend and will give Megan Henderson, co-host of Fox’s Dallas-Fort Wort Worth affiliate KDFW, an audition this coming weekend. (The beautiful brunette is co-host of KDFW’s morning news show, Good Day.) I.e., the handwriting on the wall was, perhaps, an errant desire of the author to hope Groundhog Day would finally end on F&F Weekend.

Will FNC replace Ainsley Earhardt or Courtney Friel with Megan? Remember, Ainsley is also a news reader and could shift to that capacity. Of course, Clayton Morris and Greg Kelly could be ousted and F&F Weekend could return to a two girl/one boy ensemble. Or FNC could really shake things up and do a clean sweep.

By the way, after only two days at FNC’s Breaking News desk, Page Hopkins was MIA. What is going on with FNC and that girl? And is she still in the running for F&F Weekend co-host if her younger competitors do not pan out? Maybe, she could return and be the sexy adult: somebody needs to be.