Sweet Silly Swede

Why must Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson continue to feed me fodder in such ample supply? Today Geraldo Rivera and Brian Kilmeade had a spirited exchange about the legal rights of Gitmo prisoners with a particular emphasis on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the purported 9-11 attack mastermind. Not surprisingly, Geraldo argued that Khalid should be accorded rights as if he were on American soil while Brian contended that Khalid’s rights should be much more sharply curtailed. The debate was heated but civil.

Gretch couldn’t stand the heat: she tried unsuccessfully to lighten the polemic. She interjected repeatedly with regard to Khalid’s complaint that his court sketches were unflattering as to his nose. She sillily asserted, “I like his nose better in the sketch.” As the discussion continued, she moved close to Steve Doocy, put her arm around him, and said, “I’m scared.” Her fellow Swede co-host replied, “I’m scared.” Both kiddingly cowered and, finally Steve shouted, “Cut.”

Gretch should be able to move seamlessly between the hard news and the soft segments. However, she seems to have problems with a more hard-nosed approach. E.g., just yesterday she got hammered again by Hillary Clinton lackey Lanny Davis and has been snubbed on two consecutive occasions by Jackie Mason. Does anyone think that Megan Kelly, Page Hopkins, or American Morning’s Kiran Chetry would allow themselves to be abused by these old school boys? Gretch is a bit too sweet like Ainsley Earhardt: the difference is that Ainsley is on the weekend.

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11 Responses to “Sweet Silly Swede”

  1. joshng01 Says:

    Well….Ainsley is NOT on the weekend today! That silly Megan from Tx. is on there. However, I must say, that she has controlled her flopping hands, by gluing them to her knees.
    Gretchen is a nice-nice person and doesn’t seem to like conflict, but I have seen her get rather opinionated. As for being snubbed by Jackie Mason…who would care, even at my age, he’s corny. But, I do get your point, she needs to be able to control an interview or referee one as the case might be.
    I think I finally have an understanding of the Saturday F & F. It’s not even supposed to be news! It’s slapstick (of the worst kind).
    All the interviews made the guests look as if they were there to be punk’d.
    referring to a boat as a “haulin’ mother” just didn’t add anything to the segment. And silly girl and the Lowe’s segment…nothing good to be said about that. I remember Kirsten would get out there and really work and so would Alysyn. They had mikes that were not handheld and could actually participate.
    And one other thing. Poor Courtney, she looked as if she were trussed in that suit. I’d rather see her with a short skirt, no matter how most people hated it. She at least looked comfortable. That was horrible this morning.
    And Dave…he CANNOT read a teleprompter at all. Everyone calls him “pretty boy” (that stuns me! ), so just let him sit there and look pretty and not read. They CANNOT be nervous after all this time and if Dave and Megan were big stars on their local channels, why are they so inept?

  2. Kep Says:

    There is something about Megan’s voice that doesn’t fit with morning tv. I guess she’s had her own morning show for many years, but to me, she just isn’t quite right for the spot. Let’s face it, the best lineup Fox had for the weekend show was Mike, Juliet and Julian, with Kiran doing the news updates. It’s never been the same since that team was broken up. Alisyn and Kiran were pretty good together, and I think Kelly Wright did his part to try to add a serious side to the program while he was there. Now, it’s just a mish mash of odd pairings. I don’t think the show will ever get back the magic it once had.

  3. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Painsley’s down in the Caribbean on vaycay … She said that last weekend in the 2 minutes that I saw the show (before I vomited) …

    Lowe’s ?? They dumped The Home Depot ??

    Who are “Kirsten” and “Alysyn” ??

    Gretch is a very weak hostess … You need to be able to control your subjects in interviews … She’s never able to do that … She just does NOT have what it takes to be the middle chair … She’s more like a 3rd wheel …

  4. e Says:

    F & F weekend has the same personalities as those selling on Home Shopping Network! We no longer watch F & F weekend – at all… I’m sure others are a disappointed as well.

    We still like Steve, Brian…and have gotten used to Gretchen.

  5. Gayle Says:

    I agree that F&F weekends just a dream now…This group is like watching the three stooges and I wasn’t a fan of theirs either. Gretchen is okay but certainly not as good as Alysin or Page to me. Fox must have really gotten angry at Page or maybe she has gotten to old for Fox…They have a way of pushing them aside when they get in their forties. I have started watching Morning Joe some in the mornings and it’s pretty good when he is their but Mika makes me want to throw up so I switch between the two.

  6. Chris G Says:

    I did not see the segment. They were JOKING about the mastermind behind 9/11?

    Please elaborate and clarify.

    Thank you.

  7. Chris G Says:

    Just watched it.

    Gretchen, this was an exchange on a SERIOUS subject. Your silly, immature comments were not needed. God, someone put the crown back on her head, and ask her to please wave the pageant winner’s wave- and stay OUT of discussions that require more thought than what is her favorite recipe.

  8. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    The best weekend crew was when it started with Edith, Doocy & Briney … We knew that wouldn’t last …

    But, the crew of Page, Greg & Kelly with Rick on weather & PAB on headlines couldn’t be beat …

    It’s that boneheaded band of idiots (aka network brass) of Ailes / Moody / Shine that just had to go & fork things up to where they honked off the viewers (except the emotionally crippled shut-ins at RC who “need” screen caps of Painsley / Tartney to sent themselves off) …

    Megan needs to stay in Texas and take Briggs & Stratton & the Boobsie twins with her …

    Mike, Juliet & Julian were bad … But, not as bad as the current inception …

    I’ll stick with sleeping or watching Disney channel (as it’s much more entertaining & enlightening) …

  9. joshng01 Says:

    It could have been Home Depot~ I was watching the bumbling Tx. girl.
    And I will have to agree that Gretchen cannot control the people she interviews. She gets a little feisty and goes at it with an “I know something to ask that you don’t know I’m going to ask” attitude and then they smack her like a naughty puppy and she backs down. Page would smack back. But, Page seems to be history. Sometimes, Steve and Brian get juvenile and get on my nerves. But..Every other show has a Billy Brightstar and a Mary Marvelous that makes you want to throw up, and even though Joe is one of our Pensacola boys, I can’t watch him. He’s gone Hollywood!, so I hope that someone can reel Brian and Steve in via the earpiece. They do seem to calm down all of a sudden! Everyone still misses E.D. on that show, and she won’t be back there, we know. So, maybe we can believe that Gretchen will decide to quit, but then what is there to look forward to? Ainsley, Courtney, Megan? Oh, great, just great!
    And, e, you have nailed it! I’ve been trying to think. They’re the HSN people with masks on.

  10. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Hey – Don’t insult those on Home Shopping Network … Unless it’s that idiot Bob who thinks he’s this worldly famous chef (by wearing the chef’s uniform) as the man can’t cook to save his hiney …

    I know … Let’s dump the Weekend twits and Gretch … Then bring in “Steven & Chris” from the CBC … I lurve their show … So what if they’re sweethearts off-air too …

  11. kmac Says:

    gretchen needs to go. her constant raling on obama all spring long was so idiotic and ignorant that i quit watching fox and friends. the only one left of the original group who has remained consistent has been brian. mr. happy lost my support along with greta, and sean when they started there obama rant. i am a republican but they were over the top, and mr. happy animation did not match the personality he was portraying. i am sorry fox chose gretchen. and wished she would be gone, she is condescending towards brian and her backhanded attepted to rule the show is vile.

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