Aly: “One More Month”

Camerota “back to TV”! Today, former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota signaled that she will return to television in a month seemingly. Shortly, after her erstwhile signature show ended this morning, the former queen of the curvy couch responded to a fan’s plea, “[I]f you’re done messing around, could you please come back to TV now? #wemissyou”: In reply, she answered, “How bout one more month of messing around?”

“One more month”: The Camerota countdown begins!

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4 Responses to “Aly: “One More Month””

  1. Harlow Ryan Says:

    My guess is, she ends up at CNN.

  2. motownman Says:

    Since Jake has decided he’s only commenting on former Fox employees these days, I think this should be noted
    I don’t know if anyone saw Friday’s AtSS, but Anna Kooiman saved the show and showed why Roger Ailes is so high on her :)
    Summer concert performer Daughtry, when asked if he would do a patriotic encore in honor of D-Day, said: “I’m off the clock” and walked off the stage
    Anna jumped off the stage and started talking to a little girl at the front of the crowd
    She asked her if she’d like to lead the crowd in signing “Of Thee I Sing”
    The girl started singing, the crowd joined in and the AtSS faded to black
    Disaster averted
    Anna gets a LOT of credit for thinking on her feet
    Great job, Anna!!!
    I don’t think Aly could have done any better

  3. Harlow Ryan Says:

    Totally agree about Anna, I started off thinking she was another Courtney Friel but I was wrong.She`s well on her way to becoming a terrific anchor and replacement for Ali.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You’re behind on this news…Alisyn to CNN……/former-fox-friends-weekend-co-host-alisyn-camerota- starts-at-cnn/

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