1-800-ME-GYN Kelly

Rowr! Not only has Catfight Kelly* been a Lady Spa aerobics instructor** but the America’s Newsroom anchor revealed that she was a co-ed 1-800 girl, too, today. And her name was “Rachael.”

After an AN story about a gent who allegedly got criminally irate at a telemarketer, Megyn remarked, “You know, I feel for these telemarketers: They’re trying to make a living.” She explained, “Listen, when I was in college, this is how I spent a summer.” She elaborated, “I couldn’t do it if I used my own name….I was Rachel.” She explained, “I sold 800, not 900, 800 numbers….By the end of the summer, I had that down pat: I was telemarketer supervisor. Hello! (Or Rachel was).”

1-800 ME-GYN Kelly: comely co-ed, aerobics instructor, and legal eagle all at your beck and call. “My name is, um, Rachel. Yeah!” No, bad boys and girls, she was selling the numbers and nothing else: Apparently, still a money-making proposition.


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