Kelly v. Kilmeade

On this morning’s Fox & Friends, guest co-host Greg Kelly dissed the vacationing Brian Kilmeade after Steve Doocy teased him about his orangish tie. Doocy said that it looked like one of Brian’s and Gretchen Carlson said it looked like a Halloween tie. Greg defensively declared, “No this is not one of his ties: Brian wears bolo ties…and…clipon ties.” He added, “Brian has trouble tying ties.” Gretchen joked that he should be glad that Brian was no where near a TV. Greg dismissively retorted, “What would he do?…he’s small…he’s about five-eight…I could take him.”

Kelly v. Kilmeade? You be the judge.

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4 Responses to “Kelly v. Kilmeade”

  1. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    No contest there! A Marine Reservist vs. a wimpy soccer coach. Please!! Marines win every time!

    Greg has been really good this week in with the A-team. I hate to see him have to go back to the romper room on the weekends. Can’t they get some decent people back on the weekends to make it look like adult TV again?

  2. Gayle Says:

    I will take Brian any day of the week…I thinks Greg Kelly is a childish immature marine and I have marines in my family….they don’t have the smugness that Kelly does. I know he was probably kidding but don’t mess with my Brian. He makes F&F….by the way remember Geraldo and his goof last week?

  3. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    They were goofing off … It’s NOT a real fight or dissing …

    Greg & Brian & Doocy always have fun like that … It’s friendly ribbing …

    Just like Doocy always gives Greg a hard time about the Commissioner as well as his mom …

    Some people love to blow things way out of proportion …

    If you watch the show long enough, you learn the nuances of the individual hosts / guest hosts …

  4. lurkerlou Says:

    When it comes to hosting a morning show Greg Kelly ain’t even in Doocy and Kilmeade’s league.

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