Kiran Out: Kyra In

On CNN’s American Morning today, Kyra Phillips filled in for the lovely Kiran Chetry who is on maternity leave. AM co-host John Roberts revealed that Kyra would be filling in for Kiran for a while. Since Roberts told the AM audience that Kiran would be out for a few weeks on her last day before taking maternity leave, it seems that Kiran will be back around the 30th of this month. Caveat: Kiran laughed off Roberts’ statement and said that it might be a few days and that she would be back before he had a chance to miss her.

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One Response to “Kiran Out: Kyra In”

  1. Bobbie Says:

    Kiran Chetry is awesome. Her is a comparison of her vs. another news broadcast woman: Julia Benderas

    Check out this prank call that posted on youtube

    When they go back to her face you can definitely tell that she is uptight and has no sense of humor. Maybe Julia Benderas thinks she is the queen of England or something. Julia is obviously aware she has big breasts and she definitely shows them off with tight shirts so for her to be stuck up like that makes me sick.

    Kiran Chetry has a sense of humor:

    When they go back to Kiran she is tipping over laughing since she is humble and has a sense of humor.

    This is your classic example of two gorgeous women who have different levels of humbleness. One is a stuck up and the other is a humble person.

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