Rick on Vacation, Too

On this morning’s Fox & Friends Saturday, weather hottie Domenica Davis said that Rick Reichmuth, F&F Weekend’s regular meterologist, is on vacation for a few weeks. Greg Kelly said that he is in Hawaii. Maybe, Rick will meet up with his office mate Page Hopkins. Or is she on holiday in the Bermuda Triangle?

Courtney Friel looks more like Barbara Bush than Barbie this morning. Judging from his first toss to Courtney, G.I. Ken’s seemed to have lost his overt ardor for her. However, in the second hour, Courtney’s comment that she would read the news in a live shot from her bed because she likes to do everything in bed reawakened the sexual tension on the set and latent desire in her many male admirers.

At the end of the show, ironically, the dance-challenged Greg Kelly and Clayton Morris interviewed the Planet B-Boy segment featuring break dancers. Ainsley Earhardt saved them from too much embarrassment by inducing Courtney and Domenica to be B-Girls: the bronzed blonde and the buxom brunette frolicked as the camera lingered over the lovelies.

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