Quiet Restored

After last week’s donnybrook on Fox and Friends, Chris Wallace made nice with F&F co-hosts Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade. F&F hyped Chris’ upcoming promo in both yesterday and today’s shows. In that regard, at the end of the program yesterday, Brian sarcastically said, “[I] hope he likes our show leading up to his appearance.”

Today at the beginning of the final hour of F&F, Greta commented on fight video and said that some people might think it was they and Chris Wallace in costume. Brian said, “No, we didn’t have a fight: we were mugged.” He added, “Usually, you have an idea what’s happening before it happens.” Greta chimed, “Next time…I’m definitely going to wear my helmet when I know Chris Wallace is coming after me.”

In the last half hour of F&F, Steve introduced Chris for the anticipated sequel to the previous set-to. Chris stated, “Good morning, guys, and I just want to say that I’m looking forward to this segment with about the same sense of emotions I felt the first time I had a colonoscopy: so, please, please begin the procedure.” Then he went on to to mention a blog poll that said he would best Brian in a fight but that it showed that people have no idea what they’re voting on. He further self-deprecated, saying, “Despite the dimples, Brian would kick my hindquarters.”

After Chris finished his promo, Steve ask Chris about the Obama countdown and gave him a not-so-subtle dig, indicating that he was surprised that Barack had not agreed to be on Chris’s show after last Friday’s hubbub. Chris responded, “No, it didn’t work.” Greta ribbed Chris that he could submit questions for Obama to F&F since it had had Barack on twice earlier: Chris good-naturedly replied that he could do that or go to the View. Then he queried, “We’re all ok?” He told Steve that he had heard that he was “ticked” and Steve denied the obvious. Greta left Chris with “hugs and kisses only.”

All is well again on the FNC front. Chris Wallace (and Ainsley Earhardt) are safely back in the fold. Quiet has been restored.

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