Chris & Aly Mock POTUS

Cuomo: “I hold it like a man–with one hand!” Giving fodder to President Trump in his claim that CNN is fake news, New Day co-hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota supplied it in droves this morning.* [Vid (“The Right Scoop): Link here.]

Recently, Chris and Aly gave the President grief for drinking a dozen Diet Cokes a day. Today they mocked his manner of drinking water in his national security speech Monday. Chuckling, Aly remarked, “Twitter took note: It has led to comparisons of how the President needs to use two hands, apparently, to drink from a water bottle. He did that drink the speech last month and then again yesterday!” Cradling her small water in her hands in derision,  she added, “But, this was an even smaller glass yesterday where he used two hands.”

Turning to Chris, she laughed, “I believe last time you called it the “baby grip!”

Deriding President Trump further, Chris responded, “Well, that is the sippy cup that you’re using there right now! Grabbing a large empty glass vase, he joked, “I don’t get all the hands thing and the glass.” Putting the empty vessel to his lips and feigning a gulp, he brandished it to the viewer, saying, “You know, I don’t know what it’s all about….This is what I drink out of–I drink out of ’em and I hold it’s like a man–with one hand! But, you know, that’s, that’s me!”

Seeming to reference Senator Marco Rubio’s insulting infamous shot at POTUS, Aly joked, “You just have giant [inaudible]! Sarcastically, Chris said, “I don’t think that’s a judgment. Certainly, not one of our biggest concerns: You know, if you want to a cup with all of your hands that’s what you do!” Going for the derisive denouement, Aly iterated, “It is the sippy cup!”

Sadly, CNN is  a soupcon of a shadow of what it once was–a news work that put on, at the very least, a semblance of objectivity.  Anti-Trumpers and Never-Trumpers were given comfort: And, Trump supporters were reaffirmed in their views of CNN’s overt bias. Sad.

[H/t, Johnny Dollar.]

*New Day – 12/19/17 (@ 8:45 a.m. ET).


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6 Responses to “Chris & Aly Mock POTUS”

  1. Tom Bennett Says:

    For someone so sensitive about criticism and with such a big ego he certainly has his habits ripe for mocking.

    Remember when Jon Stewart mocked him for eating pizza with a fork.

    And then there are others who satirize him for sitting in a chair with legs open wide like he’s sitting on a golden toilet in Trump Tower.

    Too funny. The guy is comedy gold.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hard to believe Aly used to be on Fox News.

  3. Tom Bennett Says:

    Unlike Megyn and Greta who keep/kept trying to attract their old viewer friends from Fox News.

    The poor results were..met with disappointment by Andrew Lack who inexplicably failed to recognize that most loyal FNC viewers have little interest in watching (MS)NBC.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How come I don’t see I post about Jesse Watter’s missing finger accessory? He was wearing last seen wearing it on the Five Dec. 4th.

  5. Tom Says:

    CNN is a garbage network.

  6. Cable News Junkie (@cnj98) Says:

    Not sure what you are referring to.
    A. Garbage host/anchors
    B. Garbage reporting because they cover Trump’s many faux pas, which you perceive as biased.

    If it’s ‘A’ and if we compare it to Fox News, I would have to disagree given all the scoundrels at FNC/FBN.

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