Ali: “Miss You” Still, Kiran

Velshi (August 2011): “Miss @KiranChetryTV every morning.”  Today, CNN anchor Ali Velshi almost echoed those very words that he had shared with his former American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry‘s hubby Chris Knowles after Kiran left the show almost a year ago. And, in his sweet missive to Kiran, he said what many CNN morning viewers assuredly have been thinking lately, i.e., “Miss you.”

Earlier, Aly had received a Tweet from a former AM viewer yesterday, fondly reminiscing, “Those were the days I used to watch @cnn in the morning cc/ @AliVelshi @kiranchetrytv Somewhat awkwardly, Ali answered, “Ahh, memories of my old friend!” Not surprisingly, a “piqued” Kiran playfully interjected, “@AliVelshi hey who are you calling old mr??” Aptly apologetic, Ali responded, “Long time! I meant my ‘long time’ friend!’ Miss you.”

Indeed. If the paltry ratings of Early Start and Starting Point are any indication, so do many more of Kiran’s American Morning fans. Without doubt, TV cable news needs its “ray of light” again.

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One Response to “Ali: “Miss You” Still, Kiran”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why anyone would miss Kiran Chetry is beyond me. That woman has more ego than Hitler or Sadaam Hussein. She is crass, gross, and absolutely vulgar in some of innuendos at times.

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