“Forgotten” Gretchen Returns–Early!

“I’ve been on vacation.” Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson must have felt indeed neglected yesterday when her substitute Alisyn Camerota and her co-anchor Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade failed to mention her name or her absence: today, she decided to return to the curvy couch this morning, apparently, at least, a day early.

Yesterday, Gretchen’s seemingly scheduled sub for today, Fox News correspondent Anna Kooiman, Tweeted, “I’ll see you tomorrow again on Fox and Friends! I’ll be hosting with two of the funniest-sweetest-smartest guys.”

Subsequently, the author penned “F&F: Gretchen Carlson Forgotten?” In the article, he noted Gretchen’s increasingly frequent absences from F&F and her fill-in Aly’s thrice-fold introduction of herself yesterday without mentioning Gretchen at all: Furthermore, he mused whether Anna would follow Aly’s lead or whether she would mention that she was substituting for Gretchen (and thus “tamp down down any rumor that all may not be well with Gretchen’s reign on the curvy couch”).

Apparently, Gretchen wanted to do the tamping down herself ASAP. Rather than Anna hosting Fox & Friends as promised this morning, Gretchen appeared in the center seat instead. And, as the show began, she announced, “I’ve been on vacation.” Interestingly, Gretchen did not say where nor did the boys ask.

Gretchen back–today.

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