Carol Costello: “Jetpack-Wearing Monkey”

Jason Carroll: “Was that an insult?” American Morning co-host Carol Costello appeared to be the Thanksgiving turkey this morning in her strange first segue to CNN correspondent Jason Carroll this morning.* When Carol introduced the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade report of Jason, an African American, she remarked, “There will be some new faces floating above the city like a jetpack-wearing monkey. Our Jason–it’s not Jason Carroll.” Making her toss to Jason  even more awkward, Carol continued, “Although I’d like to see you [Jason] wearing a jetpack and flying above the crowds. I bet  you would, too!”

Arching his eyebrows in incredulity at Carol’s comment, Jason laughed uncomfortably. Then he asked, “You know, I, I–was that an insult that I heard a little earlier?” Chagrined, a chuckling Carol exclaimed, “No!” Seemingly, uncertain of Carol’s candidness, Jason replied, “I, I’m going to have to replay the tape to make sure.”

Turkey or not, Carol may well have had to eat some crow today for her Thanksgiving dinner.

[Author’s aside: Apparently, Carol was alluding to one of Macy’s new floats, Julius the Monkey.]

American Morning – 11/24/11 (@ 6:35 a.m. ET)

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