Juliet’s “John John”: Mocks F&F Interviewees?

Ms. Huddy: “That’s my brother!…So proud of him!” Fox5 News NY reporter John Huddy played the stereotypically rude New Yorker this morning to the delight and discomfort of his sister Juliet Huddy and her Fox & Friends co-hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris. Perhaps, a bit, too well for his F&F audience during this holiday season.

As F&F‘s final half hour commenced with a segment entitled, “Black Friday Begins!,” Clayton introduced John, who was reporting from a NJ Walmart Supercenter.* Alluding to a earlier story of a holiday shopper who had allegedly used pepper spray to get to the front of the line, Clayton commented, “He didn’t use any pepper spray to get ahead there.” Interjecting, Juliet humorously queried, “Well, did he?”  Perchance, setting somewhat the tone of his story, John facetiously responded, “I always do. I always use mace to get ahead of the line. Are you kidding me!”

Subsequently, pointing to a young couple nearby, John said, “Look at these folks over here.” As the lady suddenly shrieked in surprise, he exclaimed, “I told you I was going to put you on. I told you!…What do you got here?” When the female shopper replied that she had bought a 42-inch television for $598, John condescending commented, “For a 42-inch? That’s not exactly a bargain!” Then realizing it was a 3-D, he added, “Okay, alright, that’s pretty good. ”

When the lady then asked if John would like to interview her male friend, he brusquely replied, “Yeah. Step out, step out of the way.” As she quickly complied, John pointed derisively down to the fellow’s feet clad in bright red sneakers, remarking, “What I want to see are your shoes. Look at these shoes: look at those shoes, guys. That’s what I’m talking about.”

As the chap chuckled uncomfortably, John continued, “So, anyway, what time did you guys get here, by the way?” When the man declared that they had been there from 11 p.m. from the night before, John replied, “Eleven p.m.?…What have you been doing the whole time?” Sheepishly, the guy answered, “Sleeping and shopping.” Looking at the camera, John laughed, “Okay, I don’t know. That’s a little weird.”

Subsequently, as John began to wrap up his tale, the three amused and discomfited co-hosts appeared in a split-screen shot with him. Trying to hide her smile initially, a reddening Juliet put her hand to her chest and opened her mouth in amazement. Meanwhile, Dave, beaming broadly, laughed to himself and put his head to his hand in disbelief as Clayton futilely bit his curled lip to suppress a smile.

Composing himself as John concluded his report, Dave remarked, “John, I hope they don’t have pepper spray ’cause you just told them [that] they didn’t get a good deal on their TV and that they’re weird. Giggling, Juliet chorused, “And, they’re weird. That’s my brother!” Chiming in, Clayton chuckled, “That’s what it was like growing up in the house of John.”

Finally, bidding adieu John adieu as the camera caught another Walmart shopper with a huge TV, Clayton comically implored, “Hey, John, go mock those people.” Laughing heartily with Dave in response, Juliet jested, “Oh, so proud of him, my little brother!” Seemingly flummoxed by it all, Dave rhetorically asked, “What is happening here?”

Indeed, Dave. Juliet’s “John John” better behave. Or, he really might get that pepper spray the next time.

Fox & Friends – 11/25/11 (@ 8:32 a.m. ET)


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