AM’s “Open Marriage”?

Or, pre-separation spousal “infidelities” by American Morning co-hosts Kiran Chetry and John Roberts? For six straight shows, the two have not been seen together on AM and have been coupled with other partners. (Last Wednesday, it was Kiran and Drew Griffin; Thursday and Friday, John and Christine Romans; this Monday, John and Carol Costello; and Tuesday and today, Kiran and Jim Acosta.) Like cable news watchers at Carpe Diem (March 4), (March 10)Miami Herald (March 11), and (March 12), AM viewers are beginning to wonder what is going on.

Apparently, some of the AM anchors are also asking questions. For example, filling in for Kiran Monday, Carol Costello queried, “Where is Kiran this morning?” Acting like a cuckold lover, co-anchor John sheepishly shrugged and stammered, “I, I’m not my TV wife’s keeper. She, she has another husband, she has another husband who takes care of that on the weekend.” To which, a chortling Carol replied, “Smart man. That’s right. He [Chris Knowles] needs to worry about her this morning.”*

Perhaps, the AM audience should be worried, too–not only about Kiran, but about John as well. According to Inside Cable News (April 12), FTVLive has revealed that “un-named insiders [are] spilling dirt that CNN is going to make wholesale changes to American Morning that could see one or both hosts removed from the program.” If the six programs of American Morning are any indication, CNN may well have begun the auditioning process.

* American Morning – 05/17/10 (@5:59 a.m ET)

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4 Responses to “AM’s “Open Marriage”?”

  1. Kep Says:

    When Monday’s show started it was kind of weird. Did Costello really not know why Kiran was not there? I figured that the whole crew there was real tight with one another. Did Kiran not let them know that she wasn’t going to be there? If that’s the case, that’s very unprofessional behavior and something that wouldn’t be tolerated by my boss. At the end of the day, I don’t see Kiran leaving CNN. It was, according to her, a dream come true to be working at CNN.

  2. U-2 Says:

    With Cambell Brown’s departure from CNN; there’s a spot open for Kiran in prime time.

    She has a chance to show that she’s more than what FOX and CNN have used her for.

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  4. ed Says:

    Cnn would be stupid to get rid of kiran chetry. Kiran is only getting bigger and bigger. I think she will go down as one of the best reporters ever. You don’t get rid of fox like kiran. She has a huge following, including me.

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