“Tough Guy” Hatch(ets) Tearful Bennett?

Poor Robert Bennett. After becoming the first Utah Senator in seventy years to be summarily ousted in his party’s primary ten days ago, the junior Senator got a gratuitous jab in the eye by his friend and fellow Republican, Utah senior Senator Orrin Hatch today. In an interview on FNC’s Happening Now of Hatch, co-host Jon Scott asked him whether he was “nervous” of those conservatives who had orchestrated Bennett’s tearful exit and who were also critical of Hatch (who comes up for election again in 2012). Hatch retorted, “No, I’m not concerned about it. I’m not Senator Bennett, by the way. I’m a tough guy, and people know it.”*

That may well be case. However, Senator Hatch may still want to offer an apology to Senator Bennett akin to the one he gave other dear friend, the late Senator Ted Kennedy,” after he mentioned that “bridge in Massachusetts” that he had to sell during the rancorous Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

Happening Now – 05/13/10 (@11:40 a.m. ET)

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