Roberts: Rob’s Tight T-Shirt

American Morning weatherguy Rob Marciano displayed his yo-yo technique today and AM co-anchor John Roberts was impressed. Not with his skills but with his presentation!

Promoting an upcoming “Rob’s Road Show” segment (set in Orlando the site of a yo-yo world competition), Rob awkwardly attempted to keep the simple Duncan toy in motion. When he had some success, he gave the thumbs up sign and flexed his biceps in a constricting short-sleeved Polo: AM co-host Kiran Chetry commented, “He got the yo-yo back up to his hand: So, that’s a plus.” Seemingly, ribbing Rob for his gay/straight beefcake appeal,* John jested, “You know, you’re wearing a t-shirt that tight: It doesn’t matter what you do with a yo-yo!”

CNN: Home of AM’s Aphrodite, and, apparently, its Adonis.

* Merely, Google “Rob Marciano.”

AM (08/14/09) – @ 6:42 a.m. ET

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