Hemmer: Megyn’s “Sexual Tension”

Sexist slam or merely bad joke? You decide. After an especially contentious interview between America’s Newsroom co-anchor Megyn Kelly and White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton (over the “chilling effect” of the WH’s solicitation of “fishy” healthcare e-mails), co-host Bill Hemmer seemed somewhat dismissive. Addressing Megyn, he declared, “The sexual tension between the two of you is so real and vivid.”

Megyn demanded, “Did you say, ‘Sexual tension?'” Digging himself in deeper, Hemmer replied, “It was a joke: I’m only kidding. I love when the two of you flirt.” With her hands and legs crossed and her eyes downward cast, an incredulous Megyn animatedly asked, “Flirt?” Defensively, Bill asserted, “Yeah. Well, [that] was a joke, too.” Aptly, Megyn responded, “Alright, I’m not going to touch that one with a ten-foot pole.” Trying to laugh it off, Bill replied, “Please, don’t!”

Perhaps, Bill did not intend to belittle her tough questioning of Burton but he did in the author’s opinion. Megyn is a talented and tenacious interviewer who deserves to be respected, not demeaned. Of course, she does not need to be defended by the author or anyone else: She is more than capable of running with–and ahead of–the big boys.

AN – 08/12/09 – @10:23 a.m. ET

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8 Responses to “Hemmer: Megyn’s “Sexual Tension””

  1. M. Davey Says:

    Megyn is my absolute favorite on the shows. However, she has been a little snappish lately. She used to laugh stuff off and now it seems she’s taking the remarks personally. She snapped at Lis Wiehl last night on O’Reilly and snapped at O’Reilly. I can understand that she doesn’t like them putting words in her mouth, but she didn’t used to be this way.

    What does this mean? She’s getting tired from the pregnancy? Most women don’t think that they are tired, but they can wear down pretty easily.

    I don’t like it when Megyn snaps! She’s very intelligent and has always researched her segments, but she needs to cut everyone else some slack and not Grrr! at them.

  2. motownman Says:

    Megyn really isn’t a journalist.
    She’s an advocate, which makes her better suited for prime time.
    She has a point of view when she interviews people, which is fine, but it isn’t “fair and balanced.”
    To me, her big flaw is she treats every guest as if they were in a courtroom and she was cross-examining. She interrupts them CONSTANTLY!
    Megyn, they are there as your guest. Treat them with some respect.

  3. jakeho Says:

    As to Megyn’s interview today, she simply gave Burton the Mike Wallace treatment. I.e., she held his feet to the proverbial fire. She didn’t let him “duck and weave.” She held him accountable. (Nothing new: she does that to all of her interviewees whether Dem. or Rep.)

  4. Dgal Says:

    As if Megyn hasn’t tossed sexist slams at Bill Hemmer. She has done it on several occasions. He is just giving it back.

  5. Al Says:

    It’s their typical time-filling banter and it was funny. I saw no belittlement whatsoever.

  6. utahagen Says:

    You guys are all missing the point: Bill Hemmer is hot for MK and was projecting! The “sexual tension” is between BH and MK, as is any “flirting”.

  7. U-2 Says:

    M.Davey; does the term “rageing hormones while pregnant” give you a clue to Megyn’s behaviour????

  8. Dgal Says:

    Can’t stand the hormones excuse for piss poor behavior.

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