Cho’s Cooking Secrets

American Morning’s Alina Cho is no chef but she’s willing to turn up the heat in the kitchen according to co-host Kiran Chetry. After Alina had reported on an at-home-dining trend and had stated that she was considering enrolling in a basics class, Kiran shared a personal Alina anecdote with co-anchor John Roberts and the AM audience.

Kiran revealed, “I remember when Alina and I first met, when I first came on this show. She said to me, ‘I’m gonna cook a steak tonight for this guy I met.’ I said, ‘Really?'” Bowing her head and smiling abashedly, Alina interjected, “Way too much information!” Kiran continued, “And she said, ‘Where do I get a pan to cook this steak?” And I said, ‘Oh, Alina!'” Embarrassed all the more, Alina exclaimed, “Oh, man! Oh, my ***!” To Kiran, she added, “You’re gonna get it! You’re gonna get it!”

Quite obligingly, John Roberts offered Alina cooking lessons at his place. Then a rescuing Kiran asked, “In the end, though, right, you came back the next morning and you said, ‘It turned out to be successful?'” Alina declared, “It did! It did!” Kiran concluded, “So you have the basics.”

With Alina and Kiran, it’s always hot in the CNN kitchen in the AM.

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One Response to “Cho’s Cooking Secrets”

  1. lesskiran Says:

    John can teach me to cook anytime he wants! He’s hot in or out of the kitchen.

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