Meghan McCain Mocked

On Fox & Friends today, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham unloaded on Daily Beast bloggette Meghan McCain and her dad John McCain. When co-host Brian Kilmeade asked about Meghan’s post on how her dad’s campaign had ruined her dating life, Laura sarcastically said, “I woke up sweating [because] I was so upset by Meghan: I wouldn’t know who she was if she bumped into me in the street.”

Turning serious, Laura continued, “I do know this: John McCain’s anemic campaign has done more than ruin a lot of people’s personal lives: It’s done a lot to help wreck the economy by paving the way for Barack Obama. She should criticize her father for suspending his campaign and signing on for that absurd TARP….That was a disaster.” Addressing Megan directly, she added, “Our economic lives are in a shamble, Megan: We don’t really care about your dating life.”

With big smiles and loud laughter, co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade visibly enjoyed Laura’s vitriolic response while a less appreciative Gretchen, crossing her arms, clearly did not. In defense of Megan, Gretchen replied, “Whoo-hoo! No, no, no. But Laura, I know that you are upset about his campaign but actually she’s fair and balanced in her blog.”

Giving Gretchen no quarter, Laura deadpanned, “Oh, okay. I think maybe she should just stop writing insipid blogs and just focus on something positive. These people who are constantly whining about things that don’t matter: Go out and volunteer. I’m sure that you’ll find some nice people to date. We don’t really care about this.”

A silent Gretchen turned to Steve who segued to a new topic. Then she smiling turned to Brian for his thoughts: he merely grinned. Bemused, Gretch simply guffawed.


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4 Responses to “Meghan McCain Mocked”

  1. Laurel Federbush Says:

    John McCain and his family should not be mocked by anyone, least of all by a conservative like Laura Ingraham. McCain is one of the most extraordinary people our country has ever had in public office, and, despite the unpopularity of the Republican Party in the wake of Bush/Cheney, waged a very competetive campaign against Obama. He continues to be one of our most prominent and conscientious Senators. His daughter, Meghan, is a talented and creative young woman who has done nothing to deserve ridicule. Ingraham should know better than to use her public status to insult decent people.

  2. llabesab Says:

    Is Meghan McCain the Republican Brittany Spears?”

  3. llabesab Says:

    Is Meghan McCain the Republican Brittany Spears?”

    And who, in the name of heaven is Laurel Federbush?” Is she a relative of Stan Laurel of Oliver Hardy fame?

    Oh yeah! McCain did wage a very competitive campaign against Obma. Did “Featherbush” ever read that tall tale “..The Mouse That Roared?” That, too, was a very “competitive campaign.” They lost, just as McCain lost–on purpose!!

    God knows that McCain will go down in history as one of our bravest soldiers ever. His resistance to the Viet Cong is the story of which legends are born. I wish I had that kind of courage–to face years of agonizing torture which could have been avoided with but a single word–“Surrender.” What teh Viet Cong didn’t know is that “Surrender+ was a word that McCain never learned. But, that doesn’t make him a viable political candidate.

    Arguably, Cousy, of the Boston Celtics was the finest point guard ever in college/professional basketball. That doesn’t mean that he would also have been a great center!

  4. MG Says:

    Fox News is nearing its Sen. McCarthy moment. They’re lashing out in so many directions at so many people that they’ll soon have no audience at all.

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