Alisyn: Doocy “Parroting” Clinton Campaign

Regretfully, pressing matters have precluded me recently from blogging: sorry, gals and guys. As I sat down this evening to begin to wade through my F&F backlog for an entry, serendipity struck: the segment “Can Hil Hang On?” in the very first minute of Fox & Friends First provided the following nugget. As a preface, you may have read in an earlier post, “Murdoch: Crazy Like A Fox” that Steve Doocy tends to echo Hillary Clinton’s talking points.

In the very first minute or two of today’s F&F First, the co-hosts discussed Hillary’s fate. In a segment subtitled “Can Hil Hang On,” Steve said that Hillary should fight it through, that he would ride “that baby” up to the convention, and that there might be an “October surprise.” To Steve Ali Camerota aptly replied, “That’s her campaign’s exact attitude: you’re parroting it perfectly.” Brian Kilmeade added, “Could we take Steve’s temperature?” Exactly.

Had the lovely Ali read my Rupert Murdoch article before using my exact description of Steve’s “parroting” of the Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the race against Barack Obama? Maybe: maybe, not. Regardless, she stated the obvious.

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3 Responses to “Alisyn: Doocy “Parroting” Clinton Campaign”

  1. scratchatary Says:


  2. jakeho Says:

    Old Scratch supporting Hillary? Hmmmm.

  3. M. Davey Says:

    This is a little late, but Steve is taking a cue from all the other Republican radio and tv guys. He wants the Cliinton’s to win because it’s just super ratings for the tv shows. They lend never-ending material for comedy and frustration. I DO NOT know why anyone would laugh at the things they say and do. The Clinton’s are obvious shysters and just love to win not minding being made fun of or found out to be liars as long as the public keeps on putting them in office and paying them. I, for one, need my money and wish that my government would stop paying people like the Clintons. Now they have Chelsea on the stump. Does this mean that we still have another Clinton to run for office in 8 years if Hillary wins? Oh, Lord, spare me! Thank God that I’ll probably be dead if Chelsea reproduces and has a little politician to run for something.

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