Y Aly Can’t Save F&F Weekend

FNC has been at a genuine loss since it lost Kiran Chetry (now American Morning’s co-host) to CNN. For some strange reason Fox News chose Gretchen Carlson over their then-most-promising-rising star to replace E.D. Hill on the regular Fox & Friends. Their selection, Gretchen, does not have the natural rapport with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade that E.D. did nor that Alisyn Camerota does on F&F First and F&F. Ali, Kiran’s former F&F Weekend co-host, has stepped up her game and is the necessary spicy ingredient that keeps the desired demographic tuned in. As such, she cannot be moved back to her old stomping grounds unless Fox News finds a new F&F First co-host and a new regular F&F news reader.


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7 Responses to “Y Aly Can’t Save F&F Weekend”

  1. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Pssst … Alisyn’s nickname is “Aly” … ;-)

    Aly’s always had the chops for the morning show … whether it be the weekend or daily version …

    Gretch just is way out of her element and never should have left CBS …

    The only way Aly would be able to save the weekend show would be to bring Greg & Kelly back …

    The current weekend crew is horrible … That boat is sinking faster than the Titanic and all Roger is doing is rearranging the chairs with the brainless trio of twits …

  2. jakeho Says:

    Tiamatsrevenge, you’re right as to F&F’s preferred spelling. Not sure how she spells it, though. She’s a champion co-host and does “float like a butterfly.”

  3. boogiewoogee Says:

    Sorry to disappoint the Gretchen haters, but: “FNC’s morning show Fox & Friends saw a strong month, up 21% from 7-9amET in Total Viewers year-to-year. The increase was the most by any cable news program before 6pmET compared to April ’07 (when all networks saw increased ratings after the Virginia Tech shootings).”


    Also sorry to burst some bubbles, but: F&F First actually down in ratings during the same year-to-year comparison

    April 07
    0.5 502 575 260

    April 08
    0.5 491 522 193

  4. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    That’s only for the month of April … Not the whole year or quarter …

    One has to remember that Imus used to get better ratings than CNN’s morning show … and since MSNBC canned Imus, the viewers got split … and a lot went to Fox …

    Also … Fox started doing the two person F&F First … Now, it’s turned into 2 person F&F First (1st half hour) and then 3 person F&F Fist (2nd 1/2 hour) …

    Plus, Fox sells ads based on Sweeps Weeks which is Feb / May / Aug / Nov …

    Add in election fatigue …

    It’s not a true comparison of overall growth/loss … So, Fox & the Gretchen lovers can stuff it …

  5. boogiewoogee Says:

    Maybe you’d prefer Ainsley to take over a weekday slot, either Alisyn’s or Gretchen’s. Then her BFF Britney, I mean Courtney, can sit in the center seat on weekends. Woo hoo!

    Sorry, but the numbers for April are not an anomaly, just a photograph in time.

  6. boogiewoogee Says:

    Also, if “election fatigue” is to blame for Aly’s lower numbers, then why did Gretchen’s rise over the same period?

  7. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Just about every show on tv (news / entertainment / cable / ota) has had a change in their ratings lately … Some go up, some go down …

    I’m not blaming election fatigue on the drop in the F&FF numbers … That’s more of the producers changing things up way too much …

    But, you cannot take one month’s numbers and say that it will continue on that same trend … The advertisers are not looking at April’s numbers …

    Ainsley and Courtney should NOT be on the network … But, then I also think Geraldo & Gibson & Colmes should be canned too … Along with a bunch of the pundits & so-called “experts” that they enjoy throwing in our faces …

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