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A.M.: Asexual Menage (a Trois)?

March 21, 2011

More March madness? Today, American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry expectantly picked up the plural-marriage baton that HBO’s Big Love had dropped late last night. Instead of having her usual single “work spouse,” Kiran had two (for this AM audition), hubby Ali Velshi and sister-wife Christine Romans (CNN biz anchors, respectively, Your $$$$$ and Your Bottom Line). But, unfortunately, for AM, without even a soupcon of sexual tension.

To make matters worse today, AM executive producer Jim McGinnis seemed intent on lessening it between Kiran and Christine and their admiring AM viewers. I.e., in front of the open AM desk generally displaying their gorgeous gams, McGinnis placed two huge television screens with the obnoxiously omnipresent “AM” logo emblazoned thereon.

Hopefully, McGinnis will soon well remember CNN chief Ken Jautz’s sage advice that “CNN shows…[should be]…more lively and passionate and engaging in the presentation.” Perhaps, then he can earn Jautz’s confidence when he said that AM was in “good hands” with McGinnis. Time and ratings will tell.

A.M.: Ali Missing

November 17, 2008

Where has American Morning’s Ali Velshi gone? The Bald Prophet of Doom has disappeared from CNN’s morning news program without a peep. Like its rival Fox & Friends, a change of the crew appears to be something to be spoken of sub rosa. If you’ve looked at AM’s web page lately, you’ll notice that Ali’s bio has been deleted and Christine Romans’ one has been added.

Well, Ali, apparently, has said taken off his AM hat and replaced it with sundry others: CNN’s chief business correspondent hosts Your $$$$$, regularly anchors Issue #1, hosts the Ali Velshi Show (radio and Internet), etc. For fans of the calvous clothes horse, you can still see him parade in his diurnal florid livery as he dispenses his business knowlege and advice in other venues. However, for AM’s audience, B-POD has been replaced by the lovely, no-nonsense Christine Romans.