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RE’s Lauren Sivan Flinches: Her Yoga Too Hot?

June 29, 2013

Lauren: “I was told it was a small art film.” Is Red Eye hottie Lauren Sivan embarrassed by her sexy RE “Yoga News” past? In her latest appearance on the popular FNC late night show, the risque reporter who put the “tease” in LA’s KTTV appeared rather reluctant to embrace the frisky workout routine that made her an RE fan fave.

Two weeks ago, the “Tramp Stamp” temptress was reminded of her saucy segment during RE‘s “A Block” (about a survey that indicated that most Americans think that their personal info is being accessed without their consent). As the RE panel discussed Americans seemingly obsolescent sense of privacy, Lauren scoffed, “Women are posting the inside of their uterus on Facebook. How much more private can you get than that? And, then they’re complaining.”* Impishly,  RE co-host Greg Gutfeld riposted, “Lauren…between Twitter, Instagram, and those German films you did back in the 90’s, everybody pretty much knows everything about you. Do you care? Do you remember “Yoga News?”

Blushing, Lauren replied, “I think that’s a perfect example of what happens when Big Brother is not watching.” Interposing, fellow guest Daily Beast cultural news editor Michael Moynihan jested, “You never thought that would get out!” Racily, Lauren responded, “I was told it was a small art film. It was just for our own….” Grinning goatishly, Greg replied, “I was the independent film maker. That got you into lots of trouble!” Concurring, Lauren exclaimed, “It really did!”

Interjecting, RE‘s second banana Bill Shulz joked, “You know how they got you? Greg was wearing a beret. And, you’re like, it’s gotta be legit!” Naughtily, Lauren rejoined, “What do you want be to do with this baguette?” As the RE roared with laughter, Lauren added, “It was a deleted scene.”

Having “escaped” a satyric Greg virtually unscathed, Lauren still had to face the inimitable RE ombudsman Andy Levy at the end of the show. When her time had come in the “Postgame WRAP-UP” for the usual snark attack, Andy asked, “Lauren, you were talking about a, a “Yoga News” segment you did on this show a long time ago.”

Almost hopefully, Lauren retorted, “I know [that] you’ve erased it from your memory.”

Puckishly, Andy riposted, “No! I believe we still have that tape. Ron, can we run that?”

Unamused, Lauren pleaded, “Please! Please! Please!”

Strangely merciful, Andy answered, “Nah! I’m just kidding!”

As Lauren rolled her eyes and shook her head in relief, her bud and bete noire Bill Shulz chuckled, “You [Lauren] honestly flinched when you did that!”

Smiling wickedly, Greg intoned, “The viewers are so angry with you, Andy!”

Aptly, Andy answered, “I know. I know.”

Chiming in, Bill added, “It’s been scrubbed from the Internet, I believe.”

Happily, for Lauren’s acolytes, Bill was wrong–as is oft his wont. The “Dancing Shiva” may have flinched: But, she also flexed! Lithe and lissome Lauren lives on in videoeven if RE still won’t show it again!

*Red Eye – 06/15/13 (11:11 p.m. ET)

Lauren Sivan Moving: Yoga Tape “Missing”

August 31, 2011

Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld: Sadly, the voice of Long Island is leaving us. This morning Gutfeld cheekily announced that New York reporter Lauren Sivan was departing New York City for “newer and, hopefully, more sober opportunities in Los Angeles.”* In his paean to the self-dubbed “Dancing Shiva” with the “tramp stamp,” Gutfeld ran a cinematic collage of Lauren’s past appearances.

As Gutfeld did, he teased, “Have you [Lauren] ever got in trouble for anything you put online work-wise? When she coyly answered, “I don’t have any online accounts,” a TV test pattern with the graphic “tape missing YOGA NEWS 11/7/2009” appeared.* At the end of the montage of her vintage clips, a smiling Lauren declared, “Vapid and yet obscene. I think I just lost my new job. Thank you, Greg!”

Hopefully, not. However, when “TV’s Andy Levy” asked her in the “Postgame Wrap-Up” whether she wanted to tell the viewers where she was going or not, she enigmatically remarked, “I’m going to Los Angeles, a little town called Los Angeles, um, to, to, to work for FOX in a different capacity.” In response, Andy sarcastically replied, “That was good, Lauren: people know exactly where to find you.”

Given her history with FNC, perhaps, Lauren was wise to omit the details of her future FOX job. At least, Greg had cut her famously sexy “Yoga News” segment, which has been quite the hit with her red-blooded male admirers–if not the Fox News suits. At the time Lauren performed the racy workout, one Twitter follower was so enraptured that he sent Lauren links to the hi-def caps of it. In response, she replied, “Thank You! I will either get promoted or fired for this:).”: Less than three months later, she sadly bid adieu to her fans.

Good luck, Lauren: you’ll be missed. Hopefully, you’ll return to Red Eye on your next visit to the Big Apple. Until then, your RE fans still have the memories–and the vid.

[Author’s aside: Lauren’s “missing” Red Eye tape can be found here.]

*Red Eye – 08/31/11 (@ 3:52 a.m. ET)

Friel Snubs Sivan

May 1, 2010

But, Courtney chats up Lauren’s “date,” Rick Levanthal. In her Fox & Friends Weekend feature report, Courtney Friel covered the pre-Kentucky Derby 2010 Barnstable Brown Party. At those festivities, she ran into her former FNC colleague and Red Eye rival Lauren Sivan. (On Red Eye, Courtney was the sexy star of Ab News and Lauren was the “Dancing Shiva” of Yoga News.)

After interviewing acclaimed actress Diane Lane and several unnamed celebs, Lauren Sivan and her former fiance, FNC correspondent Rick Levanthal, approached her. When they did, Courtney exclaimed,  “It’s Fox’s Rick Levanthal.”* As Rick gave Courtney a kiss on the cheek and his rapt attention, Lauren looked on with a subdued smile. Subsequently, Courtney interviewed Rick without even acknowledging Lauren and then tossed back to the F&FW co-hosts (Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs) without so much as a mention of their former co-worker.


*Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/01/10 (@8:40 a.m. ET)

Lauren Sivan Vamooses

December 28, 2009

Fox News overnight anchor Lauren Sivan has left the FNC building after a short sixteen month stint. Last night the blonde beauty announced her departure to a Twitter follower: When glennbeckgirl22 Tweeted, “I heard that you are leaving @foxnews,” Sivan responded, “‘Tis true. Tonight’s my last night:(.” Then, early this morning, to all of her Tweeps, she announced, “About to read last set of headlines 4 FoxNews. Bittersweet.” She added, “Will miss this place tons but not the overnight shift! Here’s 2 SLEEP in 2010!”

Perhaps, the George Washington University graduate had tired of her limited role at FNC. Only last month (November 19), when another follower Tweeted, “I want you have have [sic] own hour on Fox,” she replied, “my own HOUR? I’d settle for anything over the current 1minute.” Regardless, the sexy siren, who made her indelible mark on Red Eye as the self-dubbed “Dancing Shiva” during the Yoga News segment, will be missed.

Good luck to you and Spanx, Lauren!

Sivan’s “Tramp Stamp”

September 1, 2009

Lovely Lauren Sivan, FNC’s overnight anchor, treated her fans to a return appearance on Red Eye very early this Tuesday morning. For those who missed RE last Friday night the self-dubbed “Dancing Shiva” exhibited her exotic exercises in wanton work-out wear to a rather rapt audience during the “Yoga News” segment. In fact, one titillated Twitter follower was so hyped that he linked her to hi-def caps of her performance. In response, the towhead temptress Tweeted, “Thank You! I will either get promoted or fired for this:).”

In RE’s “Male Time,” host Greg Gutfeld read a letter from another enraptured viewer who said, “I caught one look at the tattoo on Lauren Sivan’s lower back and lost every memory I had.” Thereafter, Greg declared, “Laura,…we got a lot of mail on this segment and most of it was about how awesome you are and, of course, how awesome that lower tattoo is on your back–that lower back tattoo.” Lauren deadpanned, “I think your viewers refer to it as a ‘tramp stamp.'”

Greg replied, “No, no. What does the tattoo mean?” Lauren explained, “I’m a[n] Aries, and, so, it’s my astrological sign.” Before  continuing, she cautioned, “To the kids watching out there, this is what happens when you choose a tattoo at the age of eighteen.” Then Lauren further elaborated, “On my birthday, I ran out and got it. And, you really don’t know that later you’ll be doing “Yoga News” and all of America will see it. You think you put it in a hidden spot: No!”

Randily, RE second banana Bill Shultz exclaimed, “I’ll tell you something, Lauren. You’ve got a great Aries!” Greg agreed, “Yeah.” Lauren laughed, “Thank you.”