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Molly Line Sly? But, Bride-to-Be!

June 9, 2011

“Will you marry me”: Whose Line [was] it anyway? Today Fox & Friends guest co-host Molly Line, proudly revealed to her co-anchors, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, and the F&F audience that her long-time boyfriend had asked her to marry him this past weekend.* She excitedly said that his proposal occurred between her flight Saturday (back from New York to Boston) and her flight Sunday (to Pensylvania). Elaborating, Molly stated that he had played a song on the guitar for her and had changed the last few words to “will you marry me”; that she had said yes and that it was “a given” that she would; and that she and he had known for a long time. However, she did not disclose what might have prompted her boy to finally commit.

Nevertheless, Molly’s F&F Weekend fan have a very good idea what may have got her man in line. Saturday, Molly seemed to give him a less-than-subtle hint when she enthusiastically joined fitness instructor Nikki Glor’s “Bridal Boot Camp” workout in a sexier-than-usual low-cut pink top. During Molly’s very first exercise, the “Honeymoon Hop,” Glor presciently advised, “This will get your heart racing, [and] it’ll tone up those legs, especially, if you’re wearing a short dress…if you’re getting married like on a beach.” Racily, Molly replied, “Yeah. Gotta get ready for the honeymoon, too, with a beach body!”

After viewing that somewhat suggestive segment, Molly’s paramour may have realized all the more that his beauty already had that “beach body” and that she was assuredly ready for their honeymoon. In fact, she showed him that she was still the lithe and lissome lovely that danced the hula as she vied for the crown of Miss West Virginia in 2000. Of course, the ole boy may have also been possibly spurred on by Molly’s co-host Dave Briggs, who seemed rather taken Sunday with F&F‘s “new girl.”

Whatever the case may be, best wishes, Molly, and, congrats, to your lucky chap!

[Author’s aside: For a pic of Molly wearing her new bling, link here.]

*Fox & Friends – 06/09/11 (@ 6:00 a.m. ET)