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Major Garrett RTs POTUS “Profanity”

July 1, 2010

“That retweet was a mistake.” Fox News Senior White Correspondent Major Garrett unintentionally handed one of his vituperative followers a political vuvuzela yesterday. In an oxymoronic caution to his followers, he Tweeted, “RT @c9758langwaters: why even listen to this a**h***. he should be impeached and then tried for treason//Warning. No profanity of that kind.” [Asterisks added by Carpe Diem author.]

Shortly thereafter in a second Tweet, Garrett declared, “To all followers….if you use profanity against POTUS or other followers or are abusive to me or anyone, you will be blocked. No appeal.” Then, in a third Tweet, he apologized, “Did not mean to retweet that earlier tweet to me…it was errant. Hence the across-the-board warning to everyone.” Subsequently, in yet another Tweet, he insisted, “Everyone. That retweet was a mistake. I hit send before I edited it as I did. This is a sane, civil place. As long-time followers know.”

However, the “profane” follower, was not fully convinced of Garrett’s sincerity. He sceptically answered, “i dont think that was a mistake by you retweeting that. otherwise you would just delete it? getting cozy with obama?” [sic]

Later, Garrett responded, “RT @c9758langwaters i dont think that was a mistake by you retweeting that. otherwise you would just delete it?/ I DID delete it.”

Even though Garrett has indeed deleted the “profanity”-laden Tweet from his site, it still appeared on this follower’s home page as of approximately 9:20 a.m. ET.

Perhaps, Garrett would have been better served had he not RT’d @c9758langwaters’ original Tweet. On the other hand, his message got through loud and clear to his followers to not use “profanity” or they shall be blocked!

Note to Major Garrett: the offensive Tweet included obscenity not profanity unless you believe that POTUS is divine.

[Author’s aside: Earlier this year, Garrett had another Twitter misstep when he sent followers a link to an erotic services website (vis-a-vis a State of the Union transcript one).]

Kiran: Me So Horny

June 17, 2010

Kiran: from Nepal’s “ray of light” to U.S.’s way of delight? American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry heated things up this morning with her horn blowing. In fact, after her lusty rendition, FIFA may never ban South Africa’s celebrated vuvuzela from the World Cup (regardless of how crazy the plastic “mad-hornet” trumpets drive the uninitiated ear).

In an AM report on FIFA’s decision not to prohibit the vuvuzela from the Johannesburg World Cup, CNN correspondent Richard Roth ineptly tried to master the “art” of blowing the cacophonous instrument. When his story had run, an in-studio Richard handed the vuvuzela to Kiran and remarked, “If you’d like to try, Kiran.”* After asking for some hand sanitizer first from Roth and not getting any, Kiran bravely replied, “Alright, they’re yelling in my ear, ‘Blow on it. If I get sick!”

After Kiran gamely blew the vuvuzela, Roth declared, “That is very good for the first time because one of the women at the restaurant said she had to take lessons and you could say I was pretty weak.” In response, Kiran exclaimed, “Lessons?!” Then, she suddenly seized the horn anew and zestfully blew a playful rift.” Grinning goatishly at Kiran, Roth queried, “Why are you so good at that?”

As the floor crew erupted in laughter and her co-host Drew Griffin beamed broadly, Kiran ignored Roth’s racy question, laid her trumpet on the desk, and glanced at Drew. As Drew chuckled and avoided her gaze, Kiran rolled her eyes and hid the trumpet behind her chair. Feigning offense, Kiran “icily” commented, “Always a pleasure to have Richard Roth with us. Thank you, Richard.”

CNN/US prez Jonathan Klein is right. Kiran definitely “light[s] up the screen” and “brings a delight” to American Morning and to its audience. Kiran, you lived up to your name today!

American Morning – 06/17/10 @7:57 a.m. ET)