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Kiran Chetry: Back “Soon!!!!!”

October 12, 2012

ICN: Not a Chance… Only three days ago, Carpe Diem speculated that former Fox News host and CNN anchor Kiran Chetry might once again arouse her fans in the early dawn on yet a third cable news channel, MSNBC. It reported that Kiran had that day announced that she and her “good buddy” MSNBC host Willie Geist were both keynote speakers at Pace University’s Financial Education Day (Pleasantville, NY). Furthermore, it noted that Geist was leaving his show Way Too Early and that Kiran might just be ready for her “very special opportunity” that she had envisioned when she left American Morning over a year ago.

Fellow blogger Spud seemed less than impressed with the author’s musings. In an ICN post a day later entitled, “Willie Geist to Today…,” he asked readers who the new Way Too Early host would be with the options of Luke Russert, Mike Barnicle, Richard Lui, Veronica De La Cruz, Thomas Roberts, and “someone else.” In an update to the article, he linked to Carpe Diem‘s “Kiran Chetry: Way Too Early?,” scoffing, “Not a Chance….”

However, last night, Kiran Chetry appeared ready and eager to get back in the cable news game. With the Vice-Presidential debate as a backdrop, Kiran sent an incredible forty missives (thirty-seven Tweets and three reTweets). Before the debate began, one of Kiran’s acolytes queried, “When are you coming back. [sic] We miss you.” Succinctly, she replied, “[S]oon!!!!!”

Perhaps, Spud is right: But, with the seasonal change, the ole boy may be a bit off his game. Last night, Kiran promised to come back “soon!!!!” And, she seems perfectly positioned to take the place of her “good buddy” Willie Geist at Way Too Early–even if the author wishes she would take her seat on the Fox & Friends curvy couch if her old nemesis, Gretchen Carlson, vacates it after the election.

CNN Insider: De La Cruz Fundraiser Legit

May 19, 2009

No, it’s not a hoax! According to a well-placed CNN source and former colleague of former CNN correspondent Veronica De La Cruz, her tireless Twitter fundraiser for her fifteen-year-old brother Eric is indeed legit. He/she added, “Her mother is sick too.” (He/she seemed to be reassuring this Twitterer of Veronica’s veracity in view of another Twitterer’s apparent aggressive investigation thereof.)

When the author was alerted to Veronica’s fight for her only sibling’s life, he began following her Tweets and checked her links and “following.” The initial links appeared peripheral to Veronica (e.g., a fan club site with purportedly personal postings) and the following seemed to not include many CNN personalities. Thus, the author became all the more skeptical since he had not seen any coverage of Eric’s struggle on CNN.

Therefore, the author inquired of CNN as to whether Veronica’s fundraiser for Eric was authentic and was assured that it was. However, it seems interesting that her former show, American Morning, has not made more of the personal plight of one of its former correspondents. Perhaps, it will in the not too distant future.


American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano Tweets his support of Veronica’s fundraising efforts for her brother Eric.

CNN Colder: Eccleston, De La Cruz Out

December 10, 2008

Sorry, Rush Limbaugh crew and People’s Sexiest Weatherman, CNN just got colder! According to TVNewser, hotties Jennifer Eccleston and Veronica De La Cruz have left the cable news channel.  Jennifer, the blonde beauty and Limbaugh crew fave (while at FNC) actually departed CNN in August.  Veronica, Rob Marciano’s rumored squeeze and American Morning webgirl, has left the building, too.

Brrrrr! Turn up the heat, Kiran!


April 8, 2008

According to, Fox News may finally be broadcast in high definition by April 30. (FNC was on a list of HD channels to be added by Time Warner in some NY communities.) With the cornucopia of FNC’s eye candy (e.g., Alisyn Camerota, Page Hopkins, Megyn Kelly, Ainsley Earhardt, Courtney Friel, and Domenica Davis), it’s about time that they caught up to CNN. With news hotties Kiran Chetry, Alina Cho, and Veronica de la Cruz in HD on American Morning, even the most faithful of Fox & Friends male viewers is tempted to defect or, at least, to TiVo.