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Nicole Petallides: Future F&FW Fox?

January 11, 2012

Still too hot for Fox & Friends Weekend? FBN correspondent Nicole Anais Petallides was BACK in the F&F house Saturday. At 6:16 a.m. ET, the long-legged Greek goddess reminded her male votaries why it was time to rise and shine. And, this time she did not need to hike her skirt twice to arouse her boys.

Clad in a short charcoal gray dress accentuating her long gorgeous gams, Nicole held court as F&FW co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris interviewed her.* While FBN’s Aphrodite sagely opined on the Labor Department’s December jobs report, Aly and Clayton tried to studiously maintain eye contact with the erstwhile “Foxy’s Angel.” Meanwhile, Nicole’s Fox & Friends Weekend fans can be forgiven for not following suit, especially, since their dear Italian divine Aly seemed to care less for their tribute with her longer, more matronly attire.

Perhaps, Nicole was auditioning to fill-in for Aly on the F&FW curvy couch. If not, the beautiful married mother of two certainly should. But, if so, she certainly fits the bill with the requisite smarts, sass, and sexiness to be an F&FW fox.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/07/11 (@ 6:16 a.m. ET)

Gretchen Fetchin’ Mr. WRight

July 13, 2010

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson lived up to her high school moniker, Fetchin’ Gretchen, today. Swathed in her short, sleeveless, scoop-necked teal dress this morning, the former Miss America cast her carnal cantrip. And, FNC correspondent (and former F&F Weekend co-anchor) Kelly Wright fell victim willing to her sensual spell.

During an F&F segment on Senate Wall Street reform legislation, Gretchen introduced Kelly’s report, saying “Kelly Wright joins us from Washington with more on that. Three Republicans have decided to go with the Democrats. Right, Kelly?”* Not ready to fully respond to her query before paying her his tribute, he tersely answered, “Yeah, Gretchen, you’re right.” Then, as if kneeling before his Reubenesque Venus in adoration, he stammered, “And, Gretchen, really, I’ve got to take note right now. You look very nice this morning. Very nice.”

Basking in Kelly’s praise (while co-anchor Steve Doocy laughed in the background), Gretchen responded, “Well, well, thank you very much.” A somewhat flushed Kelly replied, “You’re welcome.” As an embarrassed Kelly tried to begin his story, a grinning and brazen Gretchen continued, “I appreciate that. Compliments are few and far between so thank you.” Kelly nervously laughed and simply replied, “All right.”

Subsequently, Kelly gave his report and sequed back to Gretchen and her co-hosts Steve and Brian Kilmeade. Having not completely collected himself, Kelly remarked, “And, Gretchen, I send it back to you. And, Steve and Bryant [sic], you guys look nice as well.” As Gretchen smiled knowingly, Steve chuckled, and Brian deadpanned, “Alright. Thank you very much.”

Gretchen finds Mr. WRight–wanting.

*Fox & Friends – 07/13/10 (@6:32 a.m. ET)

Return of Venus

June 11, 2008

The long wait will soon be over. According to American Morning co-hosts Kyra Phillips and John Roberts,  sexy siren Kiran Chetry will return to the show from maternity leave next Monday. Introducing herself in the first hour today, Kyra stated, “I’m Kyra Phillips in for Kiran Chetry: she’s almost back–next Monday.” Roberts echoed, “She will be back on Monday.”

Kiran must have heard John Robert’s Freudian slip yesterday and the plaintive call of her admirers. (Cf. Carpe Diem’s “Kiran, John’s Missing U.”) Her votaries eagerly await the return of their Venus.

Spiders Play Possum 4 Sex

February 28, 2008

According to a recent study by Trine Bilde of the University of Aarhus in Denmark, the male spiders of the species Pisaura mirabilis who play dead are allowed to have sex longer than ones that do not. All of the male spiders held bribes of food in their mouths but the ones who remained flat and motionless (as the females latched onto the food) were the most successful. The prolonged copulation allows more eggs to be fertilized. Males play possum for sex while females play possum not to have sex: Mars versus Venus?