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Schoolmarm Martha Strips

June 21, 2011

MacCallum: “Good clean fun!” For the second straight day, F&F guest co-host Martha MacCallum swathed herself in garb more fitted for the dead of winter than the dawn of summer. Yesterday, she wore a full short-sleeved, up-to-the-neck, and barely-above-the-knee marmalade-orange dress: today, she wore an even longer, crew-necked black dress with an overlaid buttoned-up white strait jacket to boot. It was as if she were saying, “I’m sexier under all these clothes than your regular beauty queen Gretchen Carlson without them.”

But, F&FW producers seemed less than pleased with Martha’s priggish apparel. Apparently, after a half hour, they had endured more than enough of her hideous habit. When Martha returned from break (in the second part of the first hour), she had doffed her white jacket, revealing a sexier, sleeveless look.

As Martha, the prudish schoolmarm, stripped out of her first layer of clothing, her paean to summer should have seemed tardy to her fervid fans. After all, only two years ago, the blond beauty had heartily praised the academic summer commencement “flashing of the flesh.” The then Live Desk co-host lustily celebrated the Arizona State coeds who peeled off their outwear for the needy to take a naughty romp across campus in the ASU 2009 Undie Run across campus. “Good clean fun!” she proclaimed.

Today, Martha started her fun summer. Bare-ly.

MacCallum: “Flashing the Flesh”

May 6, 2009

Stripping and streaking: And, no, Martha MacCallum, the co-anchor of the Live Desk, was not talking about painting! Today she concluded LD with a racy story on Arizona State students stripping to their scivvies for charity on the last day of classes. In her report, she explained that thousands of lusty lads and lasses discard their outerwear into a pile (to be donated to the needy) and “make a mad dash across campus” in the annual Undie Run. As to their “flashing the flesh,” she exclaimed, “I think that’s a good idea: you know, they have undies on [and] everybody looks like they’re having a good time. Good clean fun!”

Without hesitation, Live Desk co-anchor Trace Gallagher agreed, “It is a good idea.” Martha declared, “Yeah, it’s not streaking! Remember streaking?” Trace began singing, “That’s why they call him the Streak”: Then he asked, “Remember the ‘Streak’?” She answered, “Yeah! ‘Cause the people in the control room are too young to remember the ‘Streak’ but that’s okay.”

Then as Adam segued to Studio B with Shepard Smith, Shep riquely queried, “Alright, MacCallum! What do you know about streaking again?” She saucily responded, “Il’ll tell you later!” Smiling, Shep replied, “I bet you will.”