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Running Kiran Caught

April 20, 2011

Chetry explains, “Ok so here’s what happened.” Today, American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry was seen casually leaving the scene of an accident and she was caught as she raced back to it. However, she is expected to escape any legal liability.

The accident that Kiran left this morning was the Gulf Oil spill (or, at least, a segment on it with Philippe Cousteau being interviewed by AM co-hosts Christine Romans and Ali Velshi). As the shot opened, Christine and Aly were at the AM desk introducing their story: in the background, Kiran could be eyed sauntering to the back of the AM newsroom in her trademark black Ugg boots. Two minutes later, when Couteau lost his audio and Ali and Christine were explaining it to the viewers, Kiran was caught on camera running furiously back down the newsroom aisle toward the AM desk.

Perhaps, with a producer in her ear, Kiran suddenly darted off camera momentarily. Then, while downing one last bite, Kiran eased back to the AM desk and turned her mike back on. As Kiran did, Ali glanced at her briefly but continued to nonchalantly discuss the BP spill effects with Christine. As they finished and Cousteau’s audio returned, Kiran seamlessly joined the conversation as if nothing had ever happened.

However, an alert AM viewer, Geoff Sanders, spotted it, posted it to his Facebook, and Tweeted Kiran a link. Unfortunately, for her, while Sanders deemed it funny, two of his “friends” were less charitable: one said that it was “so weird” and another called Kiran a derogatory term for the mentally challenged.

In response, Kiran quickly Tweeted Sanders and the rest of her Twitter followers, saying, “Ok so here’s what happened” and included a link to her Facebook page. There, she elaborated, “i was grabbing some food & phillipe’s [sic] shot went down so they called me back to set i ran so fast i didn’t realize i was in background.”

Happily, Kiran, you did not. You provided your AM audience with a delightful diversion from the still grim Gulf Coast news. And, kudos, for explaining it to your fans posthaste–not to mention, turning that dreadful distancing AM backdrop into a more personal, pleasing one.

*American Morning – 04/20/11 (@ 8:13 a.m. ET)

Kiran: Sitting Pretty

March 24, 2010

Literally. Today American Morning‘s Kiran Chetry found herself tightly tethered to her anchor seat. While her co-host John Roberts routinely rose to the occasion, Kiran remained strangely seated for the entire three hours without her habitual catwalk, a vertical round-table interview, or even so much as a standing story intro. In fact, she stayed snugly shod in her signature black Ugg boots tucked under the AM desk (without once needing her on-air high heels).

Swollen ankles? Perhaps. If so, now might be the perfect time for her and hubby Chris Knowles to add a third addition: I.e., if her AM show is shelved or revamped as rumored and her contract concomitantly lapses, she should still have time to have a child and possibly pursue Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News chair next year (if CBS does not renew Couric’s costly contract). Nevertheless, Kiran showed scant evidence of that gravid condition yesterday as she stood for two segments (on health care debate and teen “sexting”): In fact, a closer camera shot Friday revealed even less as she introduced a “CNN Heroes” story.

However, as the adage says, “Time will tell.” In the meantime, Kiran, as your former Fox & Friends floor crew would often jest, “Walk it off!”

Kiran Covers Up

January 22, 2009

After days of completely covering up at the inaugural in a frigid D.C., American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry hasn’t quite shaken her habit back in New York. Upon her return yesterday, Kiran wore a sexy plum top partially open but cooled the AM airwaves after only thirty minutes when she buttoned it more snugly in the heated studio of CNN. However, today the Nepalese beauty seemed to venture somewhat back into her element as she flaunted a figure-fitting, lower-cut red midi and sexy knee-high black boots on camera: nevertheless,  off screen, she still couldn’t resist plunging her feet into her comfy “Uggs” and coating her naked nails in dark red polish.