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Ali Velshi Caught with His Pants Down

June 2, 2011

Tries to cover Weiner with whole cloth–unsuccessfully. Tuesday American Morning co-anchor Ali Velshi futilely tried to discount his own network CNN correspondent Dana Bash’s expose of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner. Unfortunately for Ali, he (and his AM co-host Kiran Chetry) forgot to watch Bash’s report carefully and missed her “screen save” of the Congressman’s Twitter account. Otherwise, he might not have chanced his specious spin.

Shortly, after mid-show Tuesday, American Morning co-host Christine Romans introduced Bash’s three-minute story, chyroned, “Exclusive Rep. Weiner: ‘This is a prank’: Claims hacker sent lewd photo from his Twitter account.” In her account, Bash reported that a “lewd picture (immediately deleted)” had been sent to the “twenty-one year old Seattle student Gennette Cardova “from Congressman Anthony Weiner’s account” over the weekend; that the college student admitted that Weiner followed her but insisted she had never met him nor had she had “any inappropriate exchanges” with him; that Weiner was still using the same Twitter account that he had said had been hacked; and  that “spokemen for both the F.B.I. and the Capitol Police said that they are not yet investigating the hacking of a Congressman’s Twitter account.”

Immediately, after Bash concluded her report, Ali went on the offensive for Weiner. Turning to his co-hosts Kiran Chetry and Christine Romans, Ali shook his finger, declaring, “And, one point to make is [that] while the, the story says that he…was following this, this college student, Anthony Weiner seems to follow everybody who follows him.”

As Christine stayed wisely silent, Kiran less sagely came quickly to Ali’s aid, responding, “Right. A lot of people do that.” Bolstered by her agreement, Aly echoed, “A lot of people do that! Anybody who follows them, you [sic] follow them back.” Shaking her head sanguinely, Kiran again concurred, “That’s right. So, that’s an important indica[tion].”

Digging himself in yet deeper unawares, Aly added, “Yeah. It is a, it’s a distinction because I was thinking to myself, ‘Why is Anthony Weiner following this college girl?’ ‘Cause she follows him. It’s kinda how it goes on Twitter.” As Christine arched her head with apparent skepticism, Kiran compliantly nodded hers, softly remarking, “Right.”

Unfortunately for Kiran and her AM audience, Aly was not right. And, if he were sincerely thinking to himself, “Why is Anthony Weiner following this college girl?,” he might have actually researched his self-posed question and given his AM audience a credible answer. Or, if he had simply watched Bash’s report itself, he would have seen that it contained a “screen grab” of Weiner’s Twitter account: 46,809 people followed Weiner but he followed only 198.*

If CNN’s chief business correspondent had done the math, he would have known that Weiner follows less than half a percentage (0.42%) of his Twitter followers. Whether Ali did the math or not, he should be ashamed of himself for misleading his CNN audience, intentionally or not.

As for Kiran, her “crime” may simply have been “aiding and abetting” her friend Ali–again.

*American Morning – 05/31/11 (@ 7:32 a.m. ET)

Update: As to Weiner’s subsequent spate of interviews with Bash (in which he refused to answer whether the “lewd picture” was of him and in which he caustically called her CNN producer a “jackass”) and other journos, Ali riantly remarked, “I have to tell you–watching it last night on TV, all those interviews, I definitely did not get the impression that he looked as uncomfortable as you would think he would look being confronted of a picture that may or may not be of him in his underwear and being asked these direct questions.” Concluding even less deftly, Aly ovinely opined, “He definitely seemed to have some command of the situation.” [AM – 06/02/11 (@ 8:19 a.m. ET)]

Aly: Twit to Tweeter?

December 29, 2009

Fox and Friends guest co-host Alisyn Camerota appears almost ready to shed her Twitter Twit status at last. After, basically, ignoring the Tweets of her followers for approximately four months (since September 4), she finally reached out just a bit today. No, she did not respond to her Tweeps directly but she, at least, sent out a link–her first–to a Celebrity Parents Magazine article featuring her. She Tweeted, “U might find this fun (funny?)”

Fun? Of course, if one is an Aly acolyte, s/he appreciates the glossy pics of Aly and her three children (twin daughters, Ale and Cessa, and son Nate) and an interview of Aly about herself, her family, and her work. Funny? No, not the content: However, it is somewhat humorous that Aly waited almost three months to send the October 31st feature to her followers.

As the mother of toddlers can appreciate, one baby step at a time. Bravo, Aly!

Hottie Huddy Reappears

August 15, 2009

FNC’s Juliet Huddy dumped her frump front last night in her return to Red Eye. Perhaps, responding to the author and her Twitter followers, she jettisoned her “priggish schoolmarm” attire (e.g., Live Desk Tuesday) and her very caz jeans-and-shoes style (a la an earlier RE appearance).* In their stead, the blond beauty re-embraced her hottie look: Juliet sported a sexy short, sleeveless golden dress and matching chic tall, strappy stilettos.

Perhaps, not so ironically, Juliet appeared on Red Eye just hours before her former FOX Morning Show with Mike and Juliet co-star Mike Jerrick made his triumphant return to Fox & Friends Weekend. Apparently, she wanted to remind her fans that she’s back, too. And in rare form.



Carpe Diem: “Princess” Dave’s Pea?

August 2, 2009

Is Carpe Diem not letting Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs rest easy? Apparently, not. After Carpe Diem held Dave’s feet to the fire for ignoring his Twitter followers for almost three weeks, Dave tried to explain in a story on Sarah Palin’s mysterious Facebook and Twitter silence.* [Earlier in segment on the same topic, co-anchor Clayton Morris had jested, “Speaking of Twitter, I’m Clayton Morris on Twitter. Go there and let me know [viewer’s opinion): I’ll respond whereas Dave won’t.”]

As Dave commiserated with Palin’s plight, he said, “I happily let go of the social networking: I’m kind of a weekend Twitterer.” When co-anchor Alisyn Camerota teased, “But your legion of fans are not clamoring  for you to get back on Twitter,” Dave answered, “In fact, I was getting grief for not responding on Twitter recently…so I got back in the game.”* [Seemingly, he was responding directly to Carpe Diem “Dave Clams Up” and the author’s Tweet which had implored Dave to do just that, i.e., “Get back in the game!”]**

As an aside, Dave seems to be still smarting from Carpe Diem’s coverage of his Jay Leno moment of infamy where he alleged checked out the derrieres of Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean.*** After copious prior Tweets to the author, Dave’s has yet to respond to the author’s Tweets since May 31, 2009, when he defended himself in a three-part Tweet, infra.**** In a seemingly intentional slight with a rather humorous hue, the apparently still peeved self-proclaimed “Princess” pointedly thanked every single Twitter follower (save one, i.e., the author) for their anniversary best wishes.*****

Dave, the author is glad that you’re “back in the game.” As to any bruised ego, as the F&F producers joke, “Walk it off!” The author has no animus toward you, and, hopefully, you’ll harbor none toward him either. Once again, happy anniversary to you and Brandi!

*F&F (08/02/09) – 8:39 a.m. ET




****It read, “I think the weekday embarrassed me enough for one week. I would actually like to point out what I WAS looking at and it wasn’t #%+. [S]eriously it wasn’t food but my producer at that very moment was telling me ‘get in the shot’ and I was looking for an opening. I know that sounds like BS but I would admit looking at a beautiful woman if in fact I was! Leno is funny, how he caught [sic] is bizarre.”


Dave’s Cheerful Chirp

April 21, 2009

Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs may have lost an organ but he still has his sense of humor. After revealing early yesterday morn that he was going in for his appendectomy, he was back joking with his Twitter followers in the afternoon. In response to a wag’s suggestion that he sell his excised appendix on eBay, perhaps, with a F&F logo, Dave Tweeted, “Brilliant, I’ll see if I can retrieve it.”*

What a bird!


Roberts Rues Loss

April 17, 2009

But which one? Yes, Ashton Kutcher gave Goliath CNN a smack-down early this morning in  its race to become the first to reach one million Twitter followers. However, American Morning’s John Roberts seemed to see the loss as a personal metaphor. After co-anchor Kiran Chetry acknowledged CNN’s defeat, John  put up his hands and said, “Some you lose, and some you lose.”

“Exactly!” rejoined Kiran. John continued, “The story of my life: I lose everything I touch.” Kiran laughed, “We’ll explain more of that in a second: Not that, but the Twitter situation.”

After his Easter weekend in Pensacola with his daughter, was the respected three-time-Emmy-Award-winning veteran journalist lamenting the loss of her mother from whom he split over a year ago? Or has his loss been even more recent? According to TVNewser sorces, Roberts has been seriously dating CNN anchor Kyra Phillips and even took her to his induction into the Canadian Broadcaster Industry Hall of Fame in  Toronto to meet his two children.

Briggs: Brian Welcher

February 1, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade is a welcher according to his F&F Weekend colleague Dave Briggs. He would get little argument from Gretchen Carlson, F&F co-host, who often accuses Brian of not paying off his wagers, except she is the beneficiary of Brian’s shenanigans today. After an interview with PA Gov Ed Rendell in a segue to the F&FW co-hosts, Brian got Rendell to sign an “executive memorandum” absolving Brian and Gretch of their bet debt to F&FW co-host Clayton Morris. (Over three weeks ago, Brian and Gretch promised to sing the Eagle war anthem while wearing Eagle jerseys if their Giants lost to the Eagles.)

As the segment concluded, Clayton commented, “I’m throwing in the terrible towel, governor. I knew Brian was up to something.” Then Dave aptly added, “This is why you can never make a bet with Kilmeade: He’s going to find a way to welch no matter what the bet.”

Later as the show ended, Clayton told Brian that there were many Twitterists responding to ” you squirreling your way out of the Eagles fight song cheer.” Echoing them, he asked, “How in the world does an executive order from Governor Rendell of Pennsylania impact two residents of New York City, you and Gretchen.” Brian facetiously responded, “It’s too complicated to get into at this short notice but it really stands: We can’t do anything about it.”

Once again, Brian, “shut up and sing.”