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Megyn 2 O’Reilly: Who Cares?

October 29, 2008

On the O’Reilly Factor last night, a strong, sexy, and assertive Megyn Kelly dismissed Bill O’Reilly’s palaver the same way that she does other East Coast political panjandrums. In the “In the Crosshairs” segment concerning Megyn’s confrontational interview with Barack Obama spokesman Bill Burton (after he accused FNC, Drudge, and McCain of an alliance), an impertinent O’Reilly asked, “Are you rooting for McCain?” Megyn responded, “Who cares who I’m rooting for? It’s irrelevant.” Megyn then asserted that she had received flack from both sides for her tough interrogations of their respective spokesmen.

If one has watched Megyn interview both Bill Burton and Tucker Bounds (McCain spokesman) on America’s Newsroom, one would be hard pressed to view her as anything other than an equal opportunity abuser.

Megyn’s Aerobics Class

September 24, 2008

Megyn Kelly, America’s Newsroom co-host and former aerobics instructor, put Barack Obama spokesman Bill Burton through a heart-pounding exercise program today. Previously, the physically fit blonde had put John McCain’s spokesman Tucker Bounds through an equally rigorous regimen the same day that Bill Hemmer Hammered Obamaton.* In today’s show, an NRA ad aired that alleged that Obama supported a handgun ban: Burton seemed to evade the issue initially but realized that Megyn would have none of it.

Even though Burton denied that Obama favored the banning of handguns, Megyn pointed to a questionaire with a question answered in the affirmative and an amended one with the same answer and Obama’s personal annotations on it. Megyn gave him no quarter throughout the interview but let Burton know that it was not personal at its end: she said, “Bill Burton, thanks so much for coming on: always fun sparring with you, Buddy.”

Megyn’s Aerobics: Good for your mind, too.