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Aly on Vacation. Sound Familiar?

July 14, 2008

Is Aly on vacation or on a FNC “vacation”? Last Friday Aly told the Fox & Friends First audience that she was starting her vacation the next day. According to Johnny Dollar (JDP), Aly’s is taking a nine-day holiday which coincides with the possible expansion of Fox & Friends to three hours incorporating Fox & Friends First. Johnny Dollar ominously observes, “IF this report [F&F expansion] is correct (and I put a question mark on it deliberately) then Gretchen will be doing all three hours from now on.” (JDP references Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tim Cuprisin who said Fox & Friends with Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, and Brian will expand to three hours including the time spot of F&FF.)

Is FNC pulling another fast one on its loyal fans? When it canned the comely Kiran Chetry and later the trio of Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly, it breathed nary a word to its Fox & Friends viewers. If F&FF is indeed being replaced by F&F, then what becomes of Alisyn Camerota? Will she return from vacation as a mere newsreader on F&F? Or will she be exiled with Page Hopkins to FNC’s Siberia?

If Aly goes on permanent holiday from Fox & Friends, then I very well may join her. FNC cannot continue to treat its viewers with little to no regard without consequences. Roger Ailes, you called in to F&FW Saturday: hopefully, you’ll get back with the program in general. It needs your attention desparately.