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Tiny Titan Trashes Trump

March 23, 2009

The candor of kids: not good for Fox & Friends favorite billionaire! After being interviewed by F&F co-anchor Gretchen Carlson on his “apprentice creator” business card, his career aspirations, etc., the eight-year-old entrepreneur Tanner Leuellen transported Fox & Friends co-host Gretch Carlson into the “No Spin Zone.” When she asked him whether he had watched the Apprentice and whether he knew who Donald Trump was, he indicated that he had and he did. Unfortunately for Gretch, Tanner added, “He’s kinda mean!” to laughter in the studio.

A surprised Gretch sat up in her seat suddenly, smiled, bit her lip, and exclaimed, “He is?” Undaunted, the tiny tycoon grimaced and answered, “He is: He kinda gives me the willies.” Gretch responded, “That’s because he says, ‘You’re fired,’ but, definitely you are not going to be fired: You are starting off in a very innovative way, you’re only eight years, and you are a little sweetheart.”

Knowing the Donald, he probably got a few ideas. Can Kid Apprentice be too far behind? Will Little Tanner be its spokesman or one of its first contestants?