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Dave: Living the Life of Riley

March 19, 2011

“Off this weekend”: again. Two weeks ago, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs was basking in the sun on the beautiful beaches of Mexico with his beautiful wife Brandi and their two children, Emerson and William. This weekend, he was enjoying the slopes of  breathtaking Breckenridge Mountain with them. Generously, Dave invited his fans along for the ride–at least, a vicarious one–with Tweets and photos.

Chronicling his Colorado vacation daily for his Twitter followers this week, Dave began (Tuesday), “Just took my 3-year-old [William] skiing for the first time at @breckenridgemtn so I’m one proud dad.” Awed by the majesty of his mountain playground (Wednesday), Dave remarked, “10K ft above sea level & 50 degrees in March @breckenridgemtn, no wonder they call #Colorado ‘God’s Country!'” Subsequently, sharing his “Irish” spirit with a toast and a pic (Thursday), ” Dave declared, “Before chairlift ‘tips up’ it’s #Guiness ‘bottoms up’ on St. Patty’s Day @breckenridgemtn, cheers!” Then, yesterday, as a kind courtesy to his followers and fans, Dave announced, “Gonna miss @AlyatFox & @ClaytonMorris tomorrow but stayin up w/ my wife, #MarchMadness & @breckdistillery is NICE! As of today, Dave has not yet updated his status with his activities but his F&FW co-host Clayton Morris did (during the show) stating, “Dave Briggs…is off this weekend.”*

Enjoy, Dave! And, kudos for sharing your fun with your fans.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 03/19/11 (@ 7:00 a.m. ET)

Roberts: Green with Envy?

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! American Morning co-host John Roberts was definitely feeling the green of the day–or, at least, the M&M green. Whether it was the contagion of the purportedly philandering “greens” giant Tiger Woods or the beguilement of his gorgeous green-clad colleague Kiran Chetry, John appeared all revved up and ready to roar.

After airing a story about Woods’ return to golf next month at the Masters (while reportedly still in sex addiction therapy), John looked at Kiran and wistfully declared, “So, here’s a prediction. Alright? I’m going to go out on a limb here. By the end of this year, he’s going to be bigger than ever.”* Raising her eyebrows skeptically, Kiran, a married mother of two, replied, “We’ll see what happens.” John, a recently divorced father of two persisted, “It’s the perfect spot for redemption as well, you know?…If he does well, if he finishes in the top five, he’ll be golden: if he wins, man, that’s just going to blow wide open.” In a silent response, Kiran turned to the audience with a seemingly forced smile and her shoulders slightly shook repeatedly as if in dismissive laughter.

Later, during CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s segment dubbed “Heartbreaking Stock Stress,” Kiran asked how to best manage such stress. When Sanjay answered that prayer/meditation, “happy” time for one’s self, sex, and laughter, Kiran, with a slightly suggestive lilt, responded, “Some good advice! There you go. Sanjay, thanks so much.”** Chuckling, John remarked, “Some great advice!” Grinning broadly, Kiran naughtily queried, “You like meditating, huh?” Still looking straight ahead, John facetiously retorted, “Yeah. And, yoga.”

Watch out, Kyra, your old boy appears ready to party!

*American Morning – 03/17/10 (@6:43 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 03/17/10 (@7:57 a.m. ET)

Obama Smeared by Bush/Clinton Cabal

March 17, 2008

As Barack Obama rode high in the polls against Hillary and threatened the maverick McCain, one could hear the incestuous dual dynasties of Bushes and Clintons sharpening their swords. The first black presidential candidate with a real chance of success has been soaring with our national bird lately and threatening the two families’ control of the White House. He leads in the popular vote, the pledged delegates, and total delegates and appears poised to take JFK’ and MLK’s mantles. Now Fox News’ unlikely pair, GOP cheerleader Hannity and Clinton shill Geraldo, are slamming Obama and questioning his presidential bid because of the ramblings of Obama’s pastor. Respected NPR and FNC contributor Juan Williams, a seeming supporter of Hill, is piling on albeit in his suave, sophisticated, and mellifluous manner. On this St. Patrick’s day, Obama must beware the snakes that may threaten his bid.