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Elisabeth’s Superman Kiss

January 20, 2014

Lis’ lip lock with Clark Kent. Sorry, Carpe Diem readers, I saw Elisabeth Hasselbeck kissing Superman–on theĀ Fox & Friends‘ set over a week ago (01/08/14): And, I said nothing. Mea culpa!

Mid-show, two Wednesdays ago, Elisabeth introduced the upcoming segment, saying, “And, you need to know, what this country…really needs, we need Superman, Dean Cain, flying in here next. And, he is talking politics.” Taking the cue, co-anchor Steve Doocy led Cain onto the set with both of them acting as if they were flying onto the set, with closed fists extended as if they were flying. When Cain espied Elisabeth, the two greeted each other with an amorous mouth-on-mouth kiss–followed by a buss from Cain on Elisabeth’s left cheek.*

After commercial break, Cain sat right next to Elisabeth (between her and Steve) as Steve and co-host Brian Kilmeade touted Cain’s new Spike TV new series, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. After they did so, a grinning Cain remarked, “I, I have to admit: We’re sitting this way because I asked Steve if I could sit next to Elisabeth. I’ll be honest: I did!” Flattered, a smiling Elisabeth touched Cain on the shoulder tenderly and declared, “Aw, I’m honored to sit by you!”

Later, during the interview, Steve promo’d Cain’s new show anew, saying, “Alright, the reason you’re here officially is.”** Interjecting, Cain exclaimed, “Is to see Elisabeth!” Apparently, Cain was recalling the able lyrics of Hall & Oates who sensually sang, “Your kiss, your kiss is on my list…as the best things in life.”

*Fox & Friends – 01/08/14 (@ 7:32 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at @ 7:38 a.m. ET.

Kill Kung Fu Confab

August 12, 2008

Veteran actor David Carradine was not amused with his Fox & Friends interview promoting his new movie “Kung Fu.” In an uncomfortable confab, the Kill Bill star corrected an unappreciative Brian on his pronunciation of the main character in the intro: then he didn’t quite get Brian’s first question. Brian oliquely asked, “Why is this too taxing?” With his head cocked, Carradine responded, “What?”

After Brian tried to explain ineffectively, Steve Doocy elaborated that the prepared materials indicated that the shoot was a tough one. From that point it was polite as Carradine tried to explain the SPIKE TV movie and Gretchen Carlson, Steve, and Brian tried to engage, laugh, and just make the colloquy work with limited success.

At the end of the interview as Steve was wrapping up, Carradine tried to hype the promo more by saying, “And Daryl Hannah: you got to talk about Daryl Hannah.” Steve then replied, “She did some stuff, too, on Spike TV” and tried to end the segment. A surly Carradine said, “That’s all Daryl gets?”

Remind anyone of the Brian’s KISS interview?