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Kiran Coming Back?

May 15, 2008

In answer to the comment (3.) of a blog reader to “CNN Weaning Kiran’s Fans?,” this author thought that an additional post might be helpful. He basically indicated that the “off the cuff” remarks of Kiran Chetry, John Roberts, and Kyra Phillips as to the length of Kiran’s maternity leave were in jest; that Kiran was in hog heaven with greater news resources at CNN vis-a-vis FNC; and that Kiran would rather be at work with “adults” than stay at home with her children.

Generally, “off the cuff” remarks tend to reveal the truth. Kiran told John Roberts that she would be back before he had a chance to miss her (maybe, a few days) after Roberts told the viewer that it would be about two weeks. Later, Kyra Phillips, Kiran’s sub, mentioned that she would be there for about two months. Now that a month has elapsed and no mention of Kyra filling in for Kiran Chetry has been made in the last three days (as Kyra or John did usually), it is no stretch to wonder if Kiran has reconsidered and decided to stay at home with her beautiful children for the near future. As to news resources, FNC can compete ably with CNN with its network of partners, such as SKY and WSJ. In re rather being at work, Kiran is a genuine family person and the allure of her two children must be strong. (For some conspiracy theorists, Kiran’s Sparty hosted by CNN/US prez Jonathan Klein’s wife and her high profile features in InStyle and OK! Magazine could be seen as a secret sendoff.)


AM: American Mom

April 16, 2008

The gorgeous, gravid Kiran Chetry, co-host of American Morning, took maternity leave today. According to her counterpart John Roberts, Kiran will be off for a few weeks. She is expecting her second child with hubby Chris Knowles, WPIX weatherman, any day now. As she did with her firstborn Maya on Fox & Friends, Kiran promised to send in baby pics. (Alina Cho filled in today.) As an aside, the hottie mum looked especially radiant in her CNN baby shower pics: Kiran seems to be one of the fortunate few femme fatales that looks even sexier off air.

If you missed the baby shower photos on AM Monday and/or if you would like to see more pics, Johnny Dollars Place provided the InStyle link for Kiran’s “sparty” (spa-party) with attendees that included Alina Cho, Vanessa De La Cruz, and other CNN cuties.,,20161343_20191049_