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Molly’s Bottom Line

February 22, 2011

Rick’s secret advice: “break a leg” or “show some leg”? As FNC correspondent Molly Line made her virgin appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend as a guest co-host, she received some sage off-camera advice from her former WFXT-FOX 25 (Boston, MA) colleauge, F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth.* And, F&FW co-anchor Dave Briggs let the viewers in on it. Sorta.

As F&FW began, Dave introduced Alisyn Camerota’s sexy auburn-tressed substitute, Molly. Clad in her short, sleeveless M&M-green dress, she partially obscured her long gams by putting her laptop screen up (unlike her co-hosts, Dave and Clayton Morris). However, she seemed to coyly tease her viewers with her hem hiked just high enough to reveal a scintilla of her apparent Spanx shorts.

And, perhaps, Molly’s distaff display was no accident. Less than ten minutes later, when it was time for the weather forecast, a smiling Dave segued saying, “Let’s get to Rick Reichmuth, who just had the best advice for Molly Line this morning. Unfortunately, we cannot repeat what he said to her just a few moments ago.”** As Molly tittered, a laughing Rick exclaimed, “Watch it, Dave! Watch it!” Then, offering her fans a hint, Molly rejoined, “It was right along the lines of good luck. Right?”

Right along the lines of “good luck”? In the theater, “Break a leg!,” is a traditional good-luck wish (according to¬† Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable). And, with little doubt, Rick’s unrepeatable advice was a racy take on that entertainment exhortation. Perchance, rather than “break a leg, Molly,” it was “show some leg, Molly!” And, did she ever! In fact, she did him one better: she generously showed both of them–with pluck and aplomb.

Molly: Keeping the “Fox” in Fox & Friends Weekend!

[Author’s aside: To keep up with Molly on Twitter, link here.]

*It was Molly’s first appearance on F&FW as co-anchor according to the author’s recollection.

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 02/20/11 (@ 6:09 a.m. ET)

Clayton: Aly’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” II

February 13, 2010

Aly’s undressed? According to Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris, his co-host Alisyn Camerota had another “wardrobe malfunction” today. Coincidentally, he heralded an earlier one almost a year ago almost to the day (February 8, 2009).

As F&FW began this morning, only anchor Clayton Morris and guest host Carlos Amezcua sat on the curvy couch. Addressing his audience, Clayton commented, “It’s such a weird morning this morning….Usually, Alisyn is sitting right here. Literally, we had a wardrobe malfunction.” When he did, Carlos exclaimed, “Uh, oh!” and Aly laughed off-camera.

Subsequently, Clayton queried, “Aly, what in the world happened?” Aly replied, “Well, it’s hard to explain but I am wearing a Snuggie. I’m wearing a Snuggie, and it’s hard to mike the Snuggie. In response, chuckling, Clayton continued, “Oh, is that what happened?” Aly answered, “Yeah!”

Then, rather randily, Carlos interjected, “Are you wearing the Snuggie backwards or forwards?” As the camera panned to Aly with her backside to the camera, illustratively, she saucily caressed her derriere with her left hand and racily replied, “Well, I, I’m wearing it backwards-thank you for asking–because if I were to wear it forwards there would be an embarrassing, gaping hole in the back.”

Ironically, when Aly turned around to walk to the curvy couch, the “gaping hole” appeared in the front. As the Spanx mynx strode to confidently to the curvy couch she seemed to briefly show off her ebon tights from waist to toe. Last year, the “wardrobe malfunction” was off-air: This year, it was, too.

Or was it?

Lauren Sivan Vamooses

December 28, 2009

Fox News overnight anchor Lauren Sivan has left the FNC building after a short sixteen month stint. Last night the blonde beauty announced her departure to a Twitter follower: When glennbeckgirl22 Tweeted, “I heard that you are leaving @foxnews,” Sivan responded, “‘Tis true. Tonight’s my last night:(.” Then, early this morning, to all of her Tweeps, she announced, “About to read last set of headlines 4 FoxNews. Bittersweet.” She added, “Will miss this place tons but not the overnight shift! Here’s 2 SLEEP in 2010!”

Perhaps, the George Washington University graduate had tired of her limited role at FNC. Only last month (November 19), when another follower Tweeted, “I want you have have [sic] own hour on Fox,” she replied, “my own HOUR? I’d settle for anything over the current 1minute.” Regardless, the sexy siren, who made her indelible mark on Red Eye as the self-dubbed “Dancing Shiva” during the Yoga News segment, will be missed.

Good luck to you and Spanx, Lauren!

Sivan & Spanx

December 12, 2009

FNC’s overnight anchor Lauren Sivan got a trifle of face time on Fox & Friends Weekend this morning. Unfortunately, for Lauren and her fans, she played second fiddle to her rescue dog, Spanx, in a segment entitled, “A Canine Christmas.” While F&FW co-hosts Alisyn Camerota, Dave Briggs, and Clayton Morris, interviewed Harrison Forbes (radio host of talk show Pet Talk and author of Dog Talk) about potential pup presents, Lauren & Spanx stood by as animate props. (Another lady and her dog did as well.)

When the segment began, Aly introduced Forbes and greeted the dames and their dogs. However, oddly, Aly did not acknowledge Lauren as a colleague: “oddly” since Lauren is mainly seen in the evenings and at night as update reader and somewhat frequent Red Eye guest. (Of course, her male admirers know her also as the Yoga NewsDancing Shiva” on Red Eye.)

However, as the confab concluded, Dave reached over, petted Lauren’s pooch, and declared, “Thanks for coming, Spanx. We appreciate it.” As the camera zoomed in on the adorable white dog with the brown eye patch, Lauren’s visage was lopped from the shot. In fact, even when Lauren revealed that she was getting him the Zoombak GPS dog collar, the cam stayed doggedly fixed on Spanx until the show went to commercial.

FNC’s “one-minute” princess is bound to get more air time sometime soon. Until then, assuredly, the proud “mom” does not mind giving full attention to her Spanx (incidentally, named for the undergarment line, a “girl’s best friend”).

Roberts Tied Up

January 7, 2009

Like Ali Velshi, it appears that American Morning’s co-anchor John Roberts received word from the boss. Ali had to lose his goatee, and now, apparently, John has to regain his tie. In a segment with Roberts for fellows who need to get or keep a job, “recessionista” Lola Oggunaike reported on the need for men’s Spanx, manicures, matching leathers, and subtle scents. Lola assured Roberts that he passed the test with flying colors with or without a tie. Roberts responded, “If I don’t care about my appearance, there are several people whom I will hear from immediately.” Then he added, “You know, it’s kinda looking like the tie is here to stay.”

Humorous aside: After Roberts segued to co-host Kiran Chetry, she, employing a subtle double entendre, remarked, “One other tip: Shine your shoes because you never know when Richard Simmons is going to show up, grab your foot, and start kissing it. And that’s when the men’s Spanx come in handy, too.”